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Yeah, I remember that one, lots of carbon fiber on that thing. That article was in the mag sometime around 1996 or 1997 if my memory is correct. These days, in terms of light weight bikes, my stock-ish YZ125 weighs about 203 with a full tank of gas and ... more »

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Can we please turn all this into another great Photo-chop thread instead of arguing over a fictional truck with a busted window?

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That's a one in a million shot for sure! I was riding at a club track Saturday that has a big step-down jump landing on a steep downhill straight. Just as I was grabbing gears to hit that jump I saw another guy waving his arms to slow down. Someone must ... more »

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Onboard with RC battling Reed at Daytona on two strokes with RJ and Bailey talking about it? Yeah, that could be the best helmet cam clip ever.

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Don't be such a pussy, roll the dice dude!

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I read your private message about the case repair and sent you my number and e-mail address. The private message should go to your e-mail account.

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Random thoughts... I wouldn't run shims. You can make it work with the right combination of clamps to get the correct offset. If you were more specific about which forks from which application I could tell you a combo of clamps and stem that might work. ... more »

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The answer is simple: Motocross is an addiction Motocross requires 110% of your attention and is so mentally demanding that the world, with all its stress and anxiety, disappears while you’re riding. You hit the bullseye with those two statements. I ... more »

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Answer Products used to sell this exhaust called the "Sneaker" for the two strokes. They were very quiet. Somehow I still have one from back when (pic attached below). If you use header-wrap on the the expansion chamber it can bring a quiet two stroke

... more »
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The 3 and 4 have better audio than anything 5 or later. I have a 5 Black and have to wrap it up in a gym sock to reduce wind noise. The 6, 7 and 8 are each a little better, but you still need a foam or cloth wind-sock for them. The stabilization is better ... more »

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My memory says it was for the 2003 season.

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I can offer a little technical insight into why there's some hold-up from the rebound change. If you look a the oil flow through a Showa 49 twin chamber fork (it's the same as the KYB system) you have a needle restricting a port through the center of ... more »

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Let me add something to that. Go research and read up on whatever related information you can prior to asking if the question is complex. Often times your own research can help you know the right questions to ask. Also, it helps you build research skills ... more »

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I think you kinda nailed it with the fact that the original Dream Race started at 'Shougal. The OP really should have called his post "125 All Stars"... The Dream Race is an entirely different event and it attracts a ton of local fast dudes not just ... more »

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That's a lot farther from me, I'm out in western Washington state, but that sand just looks bitchin! That's a YZ125 with a white UFO kit. The little track was designed around the 125, it's only a 35 second lap, but it gets your heart rate right up to ... more »

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That was fun. Where's that sand track at the end? That place looks like a lot of fun and reminds me of parts of Michigan. I have a head-cold (not the plague) so I'll be stuck here in the shop all weekend framing both of my 250s listening to podcasts ... more »

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This was one of my favorites from recent memory...

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I was thinking of that 2018 pass, thanks to my buddy who wanted check out that corner, we were standing right there on the inside grass with a perfect view. There was a pass at Colorado where Blake Bagget did the same thing to Eli when Blake rode the ... more »

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I look at it as a safety issue. After having going over the bars on that Washougal triple, I didn't ride a YZ250 again until I replaced the gears and shafts with something stronger. If you're having problems with 5th gear popping out, it's likely that ... more »