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Took a small break from the game and came back about a week ago. It’s still a blast. Can’t wait for the next one.

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The mototape guy is a fucking asshole. I could make a long drawn out post but I won’t. I just hope he reads this thread and knows that a lot of people think he’s an asshole and people in this community know not to buy from him.

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One of the guys in my group of riding buddies had a set of JT gear. Let’s just say if someone asked if I knew the guy I said no, lol. It was AWFUL. When someone finally told him to buy new gear, he goes and buys the TLD polka dot stuff from a year or ... more »

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Hey, being the fastest Justin in moto is actually pretty damn impressive now that we see it on paper! Good going for him, hope he gets a ride next year.

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Maybe they can build another hill with some kind of expressway or shuttle flights in and out of that place. Maybe just have some big ass chinook helicopters fly people in and out.

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On trac is the cancer of the shipping world. They’re HORRIBLE. I used to work in a shipping department and they were consistently late and some of their drivers would handle the packages with little to zero caution. Not to mention, I ordered a full FMF ... more »

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It really makes way too much sense. Although weve been riding without goggles during mud races for decades, I’ve always thought it was kinda dangerous. It only takes one rock to the eye kicked up from a 450 and then you are blind. I’m glad this is being ... more »

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RV, Nick Wey, and Mitch. And if it’s durng the off season might as well bring AC92 out for the occasion.

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Washougal traffic would be horrible. By the time you got to the track and parked, the races would be over.

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I have tried and tried and tried again with every bike and it honestly might not be possible. I can get reaaaallly close but just not quite. I’d like to see it done. It would be sweet.

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Not a single word was said about him on the broadcast during the main. Kinda lame considering he was a heat race winner..

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Forkner is OUT for tonight. Adjust your fantasy picks accordingly!

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Listening to the show right now. I’ve never ridden a MTB really, and it doesn’t bother me. It’s somewhat interesting and although it’s not as interesting as moto I don’t mind it.

Started new thread Ricky has been great in the booth tonight. 3/30/2019 6:52 PM

I must say, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was pretty good in the booth tonight. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about and didn’t make any weird mistakes or talk about absolutely random stories like the other Ricky in the booth. Cool to see and wouldn’t ... more »

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Bought this thing not too long ago, it was stock as a rock when I got it. I’ve done most cosmetic stuff, but suspension will definitely be done before summer time. Anyone know of races going on in the NW this year?

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I’m up here in Oregon. It genuinely seems like a comeback is on the rise. I see a lot of my moto friends picking them up and even a lot of people who never rode are buying them. I’ve been a advocate of pit bikes since I could even ride. I would almost ... more »

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Right on bro just bought some for myself! I suppose if they aren’t tall enough for my liking I can always buy risers!

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Would you say they’re atleast somewhat taller than stock?

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Well it’s time for me to put some new bars on my 110, I was running the stock bars for a long time and I’m tired of hitting my knees on them. I’ve tried the XR50 protaper bars and they felt like apehangers to me. Is there any other bars you guys would

... more »

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Yeah seems to me like the audio gets a little messy the higher RPMS you are. Not really sure what it is, but me and my buddies have definitely noticed.