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First off, posting within an hour after a race should be forbidden. Def was enjoying a few Yellowjackets that afternoon, .....just the same I think Sexton will take it. His confidence is strong, his skills are peaking, and he don't get tired. Case closed. ... more »

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Tomac had nothing for him, Chase is in the cat bird seat and as I predicted before round 1, he will win the championship.

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Epic battle for first. Eli has experience and extreme grit, Chase has great form, youth and will not quit. Tomac was very tired at the end of that moto compared to Sexton,...I think Chase can outlast Tomac.

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Why work twice as hard for the same money, guess we are seeing the begining of SX only riders. If he was a man he would do outdoors too......

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I ride Yamaha, 'cause their shit don't stink.

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I disagree, they are in some kind of surreal "brother competition" that has pushed them to a level that NO ONE is on at this point, in any class.

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They would be eatin' everyone's lunch.

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I called Sexton the champ before the season started, I believe he has what it takes. He has what Roczen, Tomac, Andersen, Dungey, Barcia, DON'T HAVE,....youth and hunger.

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Whatd'd I say.

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Anyone speak German on here...?

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This is crap, I got some gigcasters link and it is full of ads and poor picture

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With Tomac and Ferrandis fighting through injuries, and Webb out , I think Sexton's time has come

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Dungey is the Apex of this Sport. Trains hard, speaks well, fighter, almost as handsome as Tom Brady, raises money for cancer kids and such,...but it will be a tall order for him to get on the podium. At all. What with the Rise of Mookie, Anderson,...Tomac ... more »

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“Everything is the devil to you, Mama. Well, I like ( SX ) school, and I like ( MX ) football. And I’m gonna keep doin’ them both because they make me feel good.”

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I respect his decision. If his head is foggy, and he needs a summer off, so be it. We've seen guys at that level either get burned out and go through the motions like a zombie, or just hit the wall and quit. A summer off with the wife could do him a ... more »

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It was a chicken sh*t take out, no respect for Barcia....Anderson should have come up after the race and col cocked his ass, just like they do in NASCAR.

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Sorry, your system configuration is not compatible with Peacock. Please check the supported devices in our Help Center (6007). WTH is this?

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Tomac is a bad ass, but it's good to see Webb back on fire.

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Just some general thoughts, and keep in mind Opinions are like Assholes,... 250's: Craig is on a rail and will take the West Coast Championship, Mosiman pulls a close 2nd, H. Lawrence will fizzle to 3rd. 450's: Webb knows how to win, Sexton will come ... more »

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I did my time in SoCal, would never go back. You don't realize how bad it is until you leave for a while. Sure the weather is premium, but the cut throat attitude, leftist control, and sheer volume of people is crazy. North Carolina is nice. Mild winters, ... more »