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Reply to Let's see/review those 2019 kx450s 7/3/2020 9:49 AM

Filing your stock pegs will wear your boot soles considerably faster than aftermarket pegs (such as raptor or pro pegs, which I feel are the best on the market) because the stock pegs have less teeth to disperse the weight.

Reply to OTD prices on YZ450 and 450SXF 7/3/2020 9:38 AM

Buddy of mine just paid 8800 otd for a 2020 fc450 in illinois

Reply to Let's see/review those 2019 kx450s 6/27/2020 5:25 AM

After 139 pages, I’m not convinced to purchase a kx450 unless I’m going to get rid of it at 45 hours.

Reply to Forkner update. 6/23/2020 4:28 AM

His libido is probably crushed.

Reply to Rekluse problems 6/6/2020 4:43 AM

Saw a guy at the track who had nothing but problems with his. Better off sticking to stock, buying the torq drive, or getting a Hinson.

Reply to 2018 YZ250 Fork Height And Sag Recommendations. 5/27/2020 4:22 AM

For me, standard 105 sag and 5-7 mm fork height. They don’t like to turn with less than 5mm.

Reply to Riding to different bike brands brands 5/22/2020 5:07 AM

Don’t do it.

Reply to Opinions on Running VP T4 fuel on a bran new stock 450? Is it worth it? 5/22/2020 5:06 AM

Nope. Run any old 93 octane and you’ll be just fine.

Reply to C class Vs B class 5/17/2020 6:15 AM

There is nothing worse than C class kids out there scrubbing everything. C class is for beginners. If you can clear all of the jumps then move to B class.

Reply to 2018 ktm 125 vs yz 5/14/2020 5:04 AM

Yamaha > ktm

Reply to 2018 YZ 125 for sale Chicagoland 5/8/2020 4:44 AM

8k for a third-hand 125 🤦🏿‍♀️

Reply to 350 vs. 450 5/8/2020 4:34 AM

Any year.

Reply to 350 vs. 450 5/6/2020 5:02 AM

You have to ask yourself if you’re prepared to deal with the worst suspension on the market if you go the 350 route.

Reply to Alpinestar Tech 10 opinions 5/6/2020 4:57 AM

Who cares if the inner shield out. The worn out inner shield has nothing to do with the structural integrity of the boot.

Reply to Yz250 prices 5/5/2020 4:49 AM

Demand is strong... Everyone talks down to the yz line, yet people are willing to pay more than blue book for them. I have a Yz250 and it’s the best bike I have ever owned. Sure, it vibrates more than a tc/sx250, but in 2 years when ktm comes out with ... more »

Reply to To husky 2021 or wait for 2022 is the question.... 5/1/2020 4:30 AM

Buying a first year production bike is a gamble.

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Reply to 2019 tc250 bogging issues 4/26/2020 5:43 AM

Sometimes two strokes don’t like to idle at first but they come around

Reply to Has Covid affected your moto spending plans for 2020? 4/24/2020 4:41 AM

Putting money into my road bicycle and mtb vs the dirt bike. No point is fancying up the hog for it to sit.

Reply to When do the new bikes typically drop (pre-covid)? 4/24/2020 4:39 AM

They’re usually not available for purchase until August.