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Worst part about it he is one the guys that wasn’t homeschooled

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I understand that technically he hadn’t seen the red flag yet, but you see two medics and a third holding the bike protecting the rider, AND YOU DECIDE TO TRY TO SPLIT THEM. ARE YOU KIDDING ME

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Is Zach okay? Saw a video of a pretty ugly crash today during press day.

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I have to rebuild my 83 cr480, anyone know where i could find a transmission or lower unit for one?

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I hope he succeeds because his raw speed is insane. From what I’ve seen, he lets his amateur competitors get to him mentally. If he overcomes that he could have a future. Insane talent

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All about that C class Loretta’s championship

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Is FS1 dead air for anyone else?

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I’ve hardly ever posted here, but I was wondering how many of you make the trek to what seems to be the Woodstock of motorcycles every year. Specifically the people racing vintage/post vintage mx

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I know I’m technically new, but I would love to hear your insight

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So was Eddie Haskell, Wally, and ms. Cleaver

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65 7-9 champ at LL kade Johnson. Deegan is off of 65s

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Seems like it could be a legitimate possibility, Star racing signed a kid in the 65 7-9 class named kade Johnson so it could be a push for the 65 class

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Like I said in another thread, I am American and I fully believe herlings is the fastest man in the world.

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I'm American, and Jeffery herlings is the baddest dude in the world riding a dirt bike.

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Plessinger actually won a Moto at lorettas over ciancuarulo in the 50 class in 05. He raced gncc's but he still raced most if not all of the amateur mx nationals

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He's younger than difrancesco, but Ryder has been getting beat a good amount by a kid name Matthew Leblanc. Leblanc is unbelievably fast

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As a kid growing up in the sport of motocross in the early 2000's nothing was as mesmerizing as watching James on that kx 125. He changed how pros ride and attacked the track as a teenager. Don't get me wrong, these past couple years have not been the ... more »

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he has a personal vendetta with the owner of briarcliff therefore his opinion is invalid in the first place. He just was too immature to express his issues with JO personally and instead took to the Internet to bash the track like a middle school girl ... more »

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It seems like you obviously have something against the owner of the track, so your opinion is invalid. Briarcliff is not anymore dangerous than route 62 (which still has rain ruts on the faces and down sides of jumps) which is not safe at all. Briarcliff ... more »

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@OP briarcliff is easily one of the premier tracks in Ohio. It may not be compliant with your vintage bike, but it is the closest thing we have in Ohio to a national caliber track.