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Reply to Holy Trickness...Pit Bits from Valkenswaard 3/21/2018 5:07 AM

This was a good one - photos looked so crisp on my big monitor full screen! Nobody can deny the effort Dixon puts in. I had a race motor dyno'd at their workshop a few years ago and Steve showed me around. Incredible place for sure and the amount of ... more »

Reply to Milestone - Monster Energy Supercross The Official Video Game 3/12/2018 9:00 AM

They posted a list of everything included in the update a few hours ago on their Facebook page...

Reply to MXGP of Europe: entry lists & preview 3/12/2018 4:41 AM

I'm hoping Guyon can bring some new pace to the 125 class. I feel like otherwise 2018 is just a watered down version with last years' top 125 riders moving up to EMX250. Keen to see some close up pics of Rene Hofer's 2019 KTM 125 though

Reply to Jason Anderson Hi Res Image 3/8/2018 12:55 AM

Some amazing photos there. I miss seeing him in Thor kit, definitely lost that style edge for me

Reply to 2019 KTM 125 3/4/2018 2:11 AM

Looks like an HSL link used by a lot of GP teams (Rear holeshot device)

Reply to 2019 KTM 125 3/3/2018 10:06 AM

I believe it has the new frame, subframe the same as the FE 450, as well as the airbox/plastics/seat/tank. New exhaust and silencer (looks to be new shape oem exhaust but without nickel plating. Silencer now has normal mounting as opposed to the plastic ... more »

Reply to 2019 KTM 125 3/3/2018 9:33 AM

First bike pic of the 2019 SX125!

Reply to MXGP OF PATAGONIA practice and quali discussion 3/3/2018 6:52 AM

Hahaha! Replica

Reply to Restrictor Plate Racing 450 Supercross - Rag in the Airbox 3/2/2018 6:52 AM

As much as i love 2 strokes and ride purely 125s myself, we all know it'll be near impossible for pro racing to go back to 2 strokes without all of the mfg's making a 125. What IS possible though, is making the 250s the premier class (as others have ... more »

Reply to 2019 KTM 125 3/2/2018 6:35 AM

Rene Hofer's actually been riding the 2019 since December i think it was - I remember seeing pics of his bike on his Instagram. Not sure why i thought somebody had already posted the pics on here...

Reply to Pro Circuit Kawasaki 125 build 2/28/2018 5:53 AM

Yeah bilko! Build's coming on sweet.

Reply to Milestone - Monster Energy Supercross The Official Video Game 2/27/2018 6:04 AM

To the guys saying they aren't into need to get online with friends. We get a party together of around 6 of us with headsets and it's epic (PS4). Seriously loving the game still with hours and hours of gameplay! Won't be getting bored soon.

New thread Factory KYB Dual Adjuster Shock (RM250) 2/27/2018 4:53 AM

I have a Factory Dual Adjuster Kayaba shock from Josh Coppins' Factory Suzuki (00/01) for sale - as used by Mickael Pichon on the same team - essential piece for a replica build! Also fits up to latest model RMs by switching the clevis i've been told.

... more »

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Reply to 1998 Splitfire Pro Circuit KX125 Build 2/16/2018 4:08 AM

Thanks for the pic bud, I have a KHI 125 ignition cover but it needs the Dow9 coating redoing. I'll try and get this done eventually if i don't find another case in the meantime.

Reply to Milestone - Monster Energy Supercross The Official Video Game 2/14/2018 3:25 AM

Pretty exciting idea. I don't play on PC but i'd like to see what someone could come up with!

Reply to 1998 Splitfire Pro Circuit KX125 Build 2/14/2018 12:27 AM

NOS complete seat just arrived thanks to Ryan Lester

... more »
Reply to Milestone - Monster Energy Supercross The Official Video Game 2/9/2018 6:43 AM

As true as this is, i'm pretty sure in the long run, the Team VVV videos have put off some potential buyers of the game due to showing a crap side of the game.

Reply to Milestone - Monster Energy Supercross The Official Video Game 2/9/2018 12:26 AM

Nice one Lewis, it's a shame they didn't give you guys the chance to test it before VVV put off a load of potential buyers! I have my preorder in to arrive on the 13th, looking forward to trying it.

Reply to mx vs atv all out 2/8/2018 5:19 AM

I think i read that the sounds are under construction so i won't think into it too much, but people commenting saying this sounds good...seriously? It sounds like a lawnmower. When he backs off the engine takes so long for the revs to drop!

Reply to Brand New 1998 KX250 2/8/2018 5:15 AM

Anyone on here who says it's worth less than $4000 is dreaming. It may not be a bike you want, but this era of bike is really sought after now, and plenty of guys doing replicas of 90s machines. Start with a $1000 heap and it's very easy to spend $3000+ ... more »