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The team themselves used this CR style master cylinder for years! I've not studied them all, but i know the 94 and 98 bikes in Pro Circuit have this style master cylinder... You think Kawasaki would have switched to this style back then as a standard

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Good shout! This is 4 years in the 250s for Joey now isnt it? If he can continue to back up his Rd1 performance it would be a good move for Kawi

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You dont need to wait for a new model bike to see it winning, just look what Tim Gajser is doing on the current bike in the GPs. These days its purely which riders they have on board

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Making that whole video slow motion was not a good boring!

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The live stream usually works great for 1st motos in the UK - hopefully the same again for this year! And yes, seems as though 2nd motos live too? We can hope!

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What a difference that A kit makes! So so cool..lets see some finished pics of this thing Rob! That silencer

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What's his SC name?

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I like how this thread has pretty much every Husky and KTM rider suggested as Aldon's #4...i'm gaining knowledge today!

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How can you compare against Hahn and Weimer?! Their 250sx championships practically got them both factory rides (i don't think the Geico 450 in 2014 was the same factory bike deal as it is now for Bogle though)...but your comparison means nothing!

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I'd ban you for this post alone...if i could

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Oops didn't realise there was 3 pages to this thread...looks like i've just copied what others have already written!

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It's annoying Tonus hasn't shown his potential yet...if he can put it together and ride like he was in the GPs then people will be surprised!

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Please email me info:

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Haha yeah it's pretty crazy! But then you look at the price of actual race gear and it's got cheaper if anything! Kit used to be so expensive

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I'd love that! Please email me at I see you're from the UK too which is handy... Thanks

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2016 RMZ250 $7700, 2016 FC250 $8500? $800 upgrade for a bike that's modern and actually being developed extensively...hardly the $3000 difference you are making it out to be?

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Cool bike! I could be way off here but it may be worth a post - i noticed recently, one of Terry Good's On The Line CR250s (early days maybe 1990) had a gold painted cylinder just like yours. I don't know whether this was a 'thing', but just something ... more »

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I'd rather a limited peripheral vision than looking through a 1" tall strip across the whole lens...Airbrake roll offs have been working great for me lately although i found them not so great with pattern films, genuine only. I also added some self adhesive ... more »

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