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350 Husky or KTM. You have the low down grunt to lug the corners without it pulling your arms out and you can also Rev it to the moon if you want without that 450 power killing you.

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Definitely needs to change. I get about 3/4 rounds in then l’m bored with SX and just watching because it’s on and waiting for MX to get started. It’s becoming a bit like a procession similar to F1.

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Just listened to the show with Dave and Andy, that was one of my favourite shows, absolutely brilliant..

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I think the manufacturers should be stepping in to assist in the way of legal assistance. The problem is a lot of these facilities don’t have the financial resources fight this In court , so they are easy prey. It’s in the best interest of the manufacturers ... more »

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Definately, he made a mistake that cost KR the win. Did he do it on purpose, absolutely not. The abuse he is getting from people is out of order. Internet bullies, or any sort of bulky for that matter are the lowest of the low.

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That’s actually what did happen is it not ? I’m no Forkner fan, but he was running RJ high to make the pass, which happens all the time. RJ was turning down early and didn’t know Forkner was there, Forkner was running him high to pass and didn’t know ... more »

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There is another guy in Italy, Bormi parts look them up on Facebook and give him a message. Real nice guy and His work is second to none.

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Is it the new Honda or a 2010 KTM in drag ? The 2020 is a much nicer looking bike in my opinion

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What ?? Malin is one an excellent commentator, knowledgable, reads the race well, knows all the riders, does an excellent job for doing it alone.

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That was the best team the USA could send even if Tomac And AC were available. Those guys did awesome and I’m pretty sure they would have been on the podium bar that crash. To come over and prep the way they did for a number of weeks showed their commitment ... more »

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Mega respect for these guys coming over and preparing the way they are for the nations. Not many from either side would put this much effort in they deserve a good result.

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I got one after a racing accident in October 2017, and my shoulder was basically useless for a year. I have rode once since then and it got tired after a couple of laps but think in time it would build itself back up. I do have limited movement in it ... more »

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I owned nothing but KTM since 2004 until 2015. The only bike I had an issue with after 50hrs was my 07 450 when the clutch basket disintegrated and shards of metal went through the entire engine.. In 2016, I bought a new 450 Kawa and thought that the ... more »

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Why are you surprised and what the issue with him using it .

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Awesome looking bike and hopefully as good as the mags are making it out to be. I'll hopefully be looking for one next year when I'm back riding.

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Over confidence can be just as bad as lack of confidence. Both lead to mistakes

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Sucks, it's usually faultless as well. Skipped home from work early to watch them

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Hey anyone else having issues with mxgp tv ? I've purchase all the events usually with no problems but, the MXGP of Russia the content isn't unlocking. Gutted I've missed both the qualifying races so far.

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