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I really like the Dango Designs gripper mount. Pretty useful overall.

Added reply in a thread Don't forget this... Monster Energy Supercross E SX event on NBCSN today 5/17/2020 8:27 AM

I kind of enjoyed it. 450s were better than the 250s, because of the banter. Wouldn’t watch too many of these, but the one off was fun. Xbox for the drawing if that is still happening.

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The original MXA test...

... more »
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I saw this post earlier today. I don’t know what race he’s headed to, but he drove for Supercross earlier in the season. And his page on Facebook is “Behind the scenes at Supercross” So maybe Supercross won’t be far behind...

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Any comments on width of boot? Sidis usually run a bit narrow, and I was wondering if the changed up the fit at all with this model? Thanks, good looking boot.

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I’ve ordered a few custom jerseys from Canvas and could not be happier. An excellent product, great customer service, just a great experience all around. Will definitely do business with them again.

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I had a small crack in my 83 YZ100 tank that would seep small amounts of fuel. I used the Caswell gas tank sealer, which works very well by the way, and have not had any issues with stickers peeling. Not sure if it is just coincidence, or an unattended ... more »

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This was a great pass!

Added reply in a thread Indy no spectators rumor getting strong now 3/12/2020 10:57 AM

What’s the NBC broadcast team going to do without the crowd roar to tell them something exciting just happened while we watch the 7th place rider roll around by himself?

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Awesome videos. Thanks for sharing!

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Just saw the NBA suspended the season following tonight’s game.

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Just to clarify, (edit not working for me), I think they will cancel some number of rounds in the future, not saying all rounds.

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I suspect they will cancel rounds going forward. There is no way they haul all the dirt in, build a track and run it with no spectators. There’s little, to no TV money, so ticket sales are a necessity to offset cost. My guess is everything beyond this ... more »

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Dango Designs Mount I like this mount for MX

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I have no idea of the inner workings of why GH isn’t on the schedule, but I think it’s a damn shame. Those hills, and that atmosphere is just amazing.

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I was thinking the same thing. Anyone under the age of 18 cannot enter into a legally binding contract. If he is under 18, he could bring what’s left of the bike back to you in a shoe box, and he would be entitled to every penny back. Never sure what ... more »

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It’s always a mystery as they post different times everywhere, but the latest I read was 11AM EST

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I grew up on two strokes, and rode a four stroke for a few years. I bought an Alta simply because it was quiet, and I figured I could ride during the week in my backyard without bothering anyone. That Alta was an incredible bike, and quickly became one ... more »

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I have seen the same issues. Always cleans up for the night show.

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Last nights coverage was atrocious. We finally get Ken and Eli battling and they cut away when they are within a second of each other. Just such, second rate, bush league production. I am so tired of listening to the roar of the crowd, while watching ... more »