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Kenny is a perfect “what could’ve been” example. No doubt he is a bad dude on bike and the fact he even came back is in incredible. It just makes you wonder what his career would’ve been like had he stuck it out at KTM.

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Why risk another big crash when you hate the bike? Hope he gets it figured out on a bike he’s comfortable on. Would be a bummer to see him end his career this way.

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She’s not wrong.

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You can thank the factory Honda for that. Notorious for pitching riders off unexpectedly

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So much talent. Great to see!

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Agreed. Was thinking to myself last night about scenarios back in the day where a rider would go down and roll through them or hop out like he was supposed to. Never thought I’d see a two time supercross champ that can’t blitz a set of whoops.

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Funny, this was my initially thought at round 1. With the exception of 3-4 the lack of depth is quite sad.

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Amazing how a few challenging sets of whoops exposes so many weaknesses. Gnarly whoops should be a staple of every round. They ARE supercross.

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Nothing really new. Reed pretty much confirmed this after the 2010 season.

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Still have one. Minty

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Too little too late.

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Save yourself time and money and just go with one of the others. Bikes are nice. Parts are very hard to get - waited approximately 5 weeks for a common kill switch from Italy. Ralf is a great person but until there is a bigger presence in the US I wouldn’t ... more »

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Maybe “Tonight” is his night.

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It’s time something is done.

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Is there a petition to sign to get this F*ck off the track?

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2011 ATL. Was lucky enough to be right in front of the last lap pass attempt of Reed on Stew. All 80,000 plus going CRAZY. One for the books

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Black flagged or fined.