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Is there an app for the supercrosslive tv package or does it work only through a browser?

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How about AJ Cantanzaro´s girl @allycarstensen_ likes to steal all of my XS @ajcatanzaromotoxacademy shirts ? Una publicación compartida de ajcatanzaro(@ajcatanzaro) el 13 Ago, 2018 a las 7:24 PDT

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Totally agree with this!

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Man this makes me sad to see he has been one of my favorite riders for a while.

Dont mind the Matthes inspired shorts.
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Im a huge Reed fan but this is what I dont get, he got hurt at the end of october so why the hell didn´t he get on a diet or something from november to the end of december and try to be at least at a good weight that would have made it easier for him ... more »

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I think its all marketing strategy in keeping JGR's name in everyones mouth every week by having people wondering about the next round even if its a done deal by now.

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"Nice calves you got there miss..."

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Green claws all over it...

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I´ve seen lately that a lot of guys with "a deal" in place have made a late move to a different team. A couple that come to mind: Decotis apparently had a deal with Geico and now moving to JGR and Oldenburg first having a ride with TLD then supposedly ... more »

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Im assuming he still cant move from all the muscles and physical activity riding involves! Great to see you rippin´ Matthes

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Probably got the brother in law hook up at Canvas

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Really impressed with his comeback, a great attitude and commitment can go a long way. Does he have full extension on his elbow already? Dont remember where but he showed he still couldn´t get his arm fully extended.

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She´s cute to say the least!
Started new thread Is Barcia next? 3/15/2017 10:24 AM

Is he the next factory rider without a factory ride for next year? Assuming a couple of the lites guys move up next year there will be less rides in the 450 class. And the guy is the one thats struggling the most out of the factory riders.

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Cant watch the video, keeps redirecting to the main Vital page. Anything wrong with the link?

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I just wanna see a whoop section where guys cant jump through it, hate it when they just jump through it instead of skimming them. Feel like theres a technical aspect to skimming versus just jumping through them.

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Track need to get back to those kind of layouts.

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Havent seen a thread on this so, who was the new girl on the podium? did a pretty good job IMO and looked really good also!

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Actually I caught wind of it a little bit late when I searched for a title related to the topic. I found out it was deleted and as much as I would like to know what the hell happened its MD´s personal life and as Dv says he´ll have to deal with the consequences ... more »