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Stew at nearly any track, just insane that all the worlds best sx riders are together and 1 guy still does shit no one else can.

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2019 CRF250R build
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for all you bagging on ralph go listen to pulpmx`s podcast with him, you can tell he loves this sport and id put money on it he would know more about the sport/history than most you turds on this board. his few mistakes here and there are hardly something ... more »

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thats cool and all but could you possibly make a photo any more cheese balls?

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he had the best style / whip of his era imo, the whip in crusty 6 to methods of mayhem one of my all time favorite clips

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7 mil for that are you kidding me, they could have filmed the moon landings there what a shithole. what can you even farm on that i assume the 30 cows in video are all that the 600 acres can support

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whys this thread not flushed down the toilet?

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they can make fuel injection, but cant design the shroud to cover the radiator cap? that thing get knocked off 1st deep rut you come across

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that`s the dumbest thing i`ve ever heard. both series would be like watching the last rounds when half the guys are hurt. I wanna see the best against the best not half the rider`s running to the other coast from Tomac

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Jesus Christ that is ugly..

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with a name as gay as "radikal racing" i wouldnt mention it either

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yeah id agree video games and phones, pretty sad on a sunny weekend skateparks / bmx tracks etc all empty too aside from a few old fellas on skateboards

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why dont the riders who lost there rides just team up and sue them? surely changes rules with no warning this close out they would have a damn good case

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prob cause he`s a douche, anyone who snobs matthes dont deserve respect #pulparmy

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i hate that too, same with gold rush loved the earlier seasons before it turned to staged garbage. the bare bones of the shows are interesting enough without adding all the crap. its a bummer the team doesnt have a higher level rider, looks really good, ... more »

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CLASSIC! man talk about the majority of posters in this post looking like dickheads, good thing you didnt take the dealers word and dug deeper no way in hell id be buying that.

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they just need to not take calls if they stupid and talk, they are both creative/funny enough matthes threesome story was a total crackup!

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whats the chances "usa" made is really made in china but printed and packaged in usa ala that hose company that got caught out?

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Ahhh no, Tomac was Honda. mini bikes don`t graduate to pros