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hands down RC on the 125 i have no idea what year but i remember he near landed to near flat on the triple, fuck he was an animal! 90% of current riders wouldnt throw down a whip as good as his at the practice track let alone last lap of the main

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Racer of the year: Zach Osborne

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1996 no question for me. i dont follow GP`s closely but so many well known good riders on that list (to me anyway)

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If, after an injury, you still don't want to ride. Just don't ride. If you want to ride bad enough you'll make it happen. I'm in that situation right now (and making it happen).

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who was he a forum member?

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good chance your forks are bent as well

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"-the Covered Persons riding in or driving any motor vehicles in a race, stunt show or speed test;" i dont American laws, but if you are even trail riding with another rider, couldn`t they technically say you are "racing"?

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who the hell is Rachael Archer? i am from new zealand and have never heard of her. awesome.

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People like you (and the 42 morons that liked your comment) are too stupid to understand the value that Vince brings, sponsors want TV time, and Vince has bought more than Mookie and Hill put together last year. Its better to holeshot and bump your way ... more »

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2003 Honda CR250R
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its makes this and others tests look like complete joke. i think Keefer maybe onto something with his way of doing a shoot this year

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they fired him pretty sure. guess had to have extra $$ to pay Ping to write 1 shitty article a week

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what a complete load of bullshit. you dont break an atlas in half without a serious impact. how about some pictures of this kid and the brace? on a side note cant say ive seen a reference to it, but why do F1 drivers where one? thats the pinnacle of ... more »

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1993 RM250 Brian Swink
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They've come a long way and it's great to see.

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17.20 mark. how he manage to shred his pants like that?

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well i though was the best looking prepped USA track ive seen in a long time, was only half slot car racing and seeing some dust 1st moto was great imo. being able to actually square up a corner doesnt happen often nowdays

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perfect opportunity for another Insurance company to take over and fill the same spot, pull all the current Geico customers over.

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track awesome, rider awesome, bike awesome, but video kind of sucks, cant we tone all the fluff down and just see BT ripping a 2 stroke?