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are you blind, marv had passed him and was in front when he left the track(by maybe a bike length), rejoined side by side then repassed.

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have you ever done a start in your life? your legs get used for balance and corrections you would be worse off starting high

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that would be awesome. having a track they cant jump 90% of 1st lap of practice and actually make them think for a change.

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buttery`s a total twat

Added reply in a thread Webb's Point Back 1/21/2019 12:16 AM nothing still beats this for a gesture!

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listen to the pulp pod with him if you don`t like him after that the problem doesnt lie with ralph...

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what happened?

Added a comment about feature First Look: Montra MX Gear 1/7/2019 3:06 PM

1st look at what, the sleeves? were the hell is the showing of the gear? thecover shot it looks pretty damn good though..

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that flo green frame looks like dog shit. love seeing the 259 though

Added reply in a thread Jumps that were not supposed to be jumped? 12/30/2018 12:03 AM

Stew at nearly any track, just insane that all the worlds best sx riders are together and 1 guy still does shit no one else can.

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2019 CRF250R build
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for all you bagging on ralph go listen to pulpmx`s podcast with him, you can tell he loves this sport and id put money on it he would know more about the sport/history than most you turds on this board. his few mistakes here and there are hardly something ... more »

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thats cool and all but could you possibly make a photo any more cheese balls?

Added reply in a thread Mike Cinqmars 12/12/2018 10:22 AM

he had the best style / whip of his era imo, the whip in crusty 6 to methods of mayhem one of my all time favorite clips

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7 mil for that are you kidding me, they could have filmed the moon landings there what a shithole. what can you even farm on that i assume the 30 cows in video are all that the 600 acres can support

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whys this thread not flushed down the toilet?

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they can make fuel injection, but cant design the shroud to cover the radiator cap? that thing get knocked off 1st deep rut you come across

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that`s the dumbest thing i`ve ever heard. both series would be like watching the last rounds when half the guys are hurt. I wanna see the best against the best not half the rider`s running to the other coast from Tomac