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well it sounds like this is this guys 1st purchase and he doesnt know about this company, if they hadnt taking 3 weeks to reply he probably would be ok with a longer wait for the items in this current time, when anyone waits due to shitty customer service ... more »

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hopefully never

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look sweet but why not put new tyres on after spending all that time on it?

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90% of that truck is blank space. A good sized fun mover would have the same decal coverage no problem He doesn't have any rider that the vast majority of fans would know or care about. The riders draw the fans to the rig not the rig itself. He wouldnt ... more »

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not to be a dick, but is this whole setup really necessary for 2 riders? couldnt they save some $ and just run a smaller fun mover. i could see it if they had top tier riders but Mumford will be 8-10 and Coty at the tail end of the field would think ... more »

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over moderating is what killed ronron, once Jarid and a few others got there powers that forum quickly went downhill

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The rivarly is good He does love racing dirtbikes. He`s still a giant twat

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1995 Honda CR250
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BURN HER AT THE STAKE honestly, why is this even news, where the hell are we going to be 10 years from now?

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Was it for sale? Its still a huge brand name to a lot of people, dunno how a company like Fox wouldnt pick it up, with some very good designers behind it i wouldnt see how it couldnt take off again ( a Bradshaw replica out of the gate wouldnt hurt either) ... more »

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This is such a vital post, Ralph get shit on for years with the majority piling on him, now he gets "fired" and everyone loves him

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Cr500 AF build

the lhs silencer kinda looks like it joins to nothing and just for show?

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I think Ping would carry the show better by himself anyway, GL has at times had interesting things to say, but for the most part i dont care what he or donnie has to say its the guests stories that i want to hear.

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fingers crossed they dont take off more than can chew and end up like Geico...

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The start of interview he was good but said a few things that kinda rubbed me the wrong way in mid-end. I try to like him but he does just kind of come across as a dick alot of the time

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are you flying it? if so why do people have to pay $850 if you are, or do you have to have another pilot?

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you been on here 10+years 7k + posts and you ask Maverick that? That bike does look pretty sweet

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i`am pulling for Amart but that looks like shit

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Matthes has done more for the sport than Ping. What he has done for privateers should be recognized by the AMA, the amount of money raised, and just him privateer podcasts i wouldn't have a clue who half of them are if it wasn't for him.

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Pulp rules the kingdom hands down for me Steves bought me a lot of laughs over the last few years. Whiskey has great guests and i like the long form, but Ping and GL are kinda douche bags, having just finished the Dehoop one last week there stab at Steve ... more »