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roll off film still needs to be trashed so it only stopping track pollution not real world pollution. there has been a bio tear off but they are not cheap. bring me to think how stupid/annoys me when these ama pros AFTER a race rip half a dozen tears ... more »

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pretty sure JT has covered this before, they had an independent test done along side rheons test as well from memory. ping sounds like he just blowing smoke out his ass JT > PING

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what a dipshit, he took the slower rythem, left the door way open, coming from arenacross what does he expect? straight up racing pass there.

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i dont follow aus racing cloely and have heard of luke clout but never knew he was this good, how old is he? wonder if any ama teams would give him a shot..

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I”’ve never understood the concept of hanging out with pro riders, texting them, and trying to be bros when you are supposed to write objectively about them“
Don’t you have a podcast where you hangout with riders and be buddy buddy with them?

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Thats 2000 dollars more than the equivalent 1983 cr125 however. Also the yz hasn't been updated since 05 and is still rising significantly each passing year. The 1983 cr125 was receiving massive updates nearly yearly. Look at what a 125 from 15 years prior to the 83 model looked like. Compared to the yz from 05-2020 lol.

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he didnt man up to shit, as pep found the ad hsi name would come out soon enough, the bikes a complete dog he made no rebuttle for the mountain of shit wrong with it

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speed has been his only problem. he hasnt had 1 race all year thats showed anything in practice qualifying or a moto, not for as well as he has done in the GP`s. No matter how sick / problem he has he should have shown something over the year. i think ... more »

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he may come out with a bang and a whistle but by mid season-end he will be in his usual 10-14th position

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i think that looks sweet, notice the pre order price tag on stand $4600, be interesting to see a test done on one

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i thought it was awesome, straight rythem for me was a snooze as it is every year..

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what are you talking about? he didnt make a "mistake", he tried being a dipshit and riding for free, he knew what he was doing, a shit ton of work goes into these tracks id name and shame his ass in a heart beat!

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the problem is they are trying too hard to be realistic, someone needs to go back to the just pure fun of mcm2 / early mx atv games, screw the physics.

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22 second lap time lol they riding in a tennis stadium? and isnt josh hill suppose to be there

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pretty sure savetgy has a score to settle with tomac i wouldnt be surprised to see him put tomac on the ground if given the chance..

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supporting privateers or not its still totally stupid.

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for the price these are id expect it to go on grass, what kid is just gonna ride pavement? its clearly just cheap nasty components

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ya he was awesome, hes one of my favorites on pulp too, although i like emig he was hard work to listen too, i guess he was bought on as the "technical" speaking person but felt like he was trying a bit hard to find "technical" things to talk about. ... more »

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lol thats exactly what i was going to post, they got clean designs but "just1" is plain garbage. in saying that ive always thought the same about "FLY" but its kinda grown on me the last year

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and boom usa takes him down....