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being not from a America i completely agree, its always been the USA vs rest of world and id have no interest if the USA didn`t attend.

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If he just toned down the bros & fucks and took the guests balls out of his mouth a bit less (currently on the Deegan one and they are in deep) he would have a great podcast. He has great guests and always has alot of good questions and seems like ... more »

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Will it ever come back? i feel ive heard the GH owner is difficult, but with a podcast with Guy Cooper (maybe whiskey) Davey came across as a complete Tool as well in regards to Guy trying to get a national at cooperland

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I listened to a pulpmx pod a while ago (think possibly Gene Naumec?) with a cool story along the lines Genes dad built some Knarly jumps that only Swink jumped, Gene and his buddies were moaning that they were too big and Genes dad wouldnt change them ... more »

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If Herlings is healthy and up to speed he will crush Prado, Gumby and the rest. The only way he doesnt win the title is by imploding himself which unfortunately is a very real option

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How does he run out of support? did he not transition to the 125? being from the other side of the world i only had magazines to go by and i remember this ad above like it was yesterday, i would think when your the 1st page ad in a magazine with the ... more »

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I dont like the whole "live" thing i feel they all act a bit different (that goes for all pods pulp stuff included), i really enjoyed all the recent ones with just Ping or with the different guests with just them in the room

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not going to matter when he cant perform in supercross, look at masterpool, i cant see fry keeping his ride even winning some outdoor motos

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Awesome! His Emig one is sweet as well

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If Nick finished 8th in all 17 rounds he would earn less than that from AMA/Feld. Steve deserves a shit ton of credit for what he has done for the sports privateers, if it wasn't for all his podcasts I wouldn't know anything about half of them

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totally agree, when the last time he busted balls doing a full outdoor season? he`s not old enough or won enough to have that privilege imo. plus on on of steves shows they talked about him having a "breather" half way through some of these races, sounds ... more »

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Blair and Brayton in the booth with RC on the floor would be a great mix

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so wrong but so badass at the same time!

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So how does a brace not prevent soft tissue damage? does a helmet stop all concussions? do boots save all broken ankles? everything can get damaged in any piece of protective gear, its about limiting the possibility of damage

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I still like the printed version better. cool

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The problem is i havent seen 1 interview that he doesnt come across as a douchebag, everything i have seen he comes across as someone id want to be a fan of. When you win Daytona and dont have a ride clearly the industry is in the same boat

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I hope he is as good as he his track side and crushes it! with a chance full time next year... maybe feld is starting to listen to the complaints...

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Id like to see Dylan Wright and Regan Duffy get a good shot at outdoors

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its not clear coat/ plastic bumper/ time of day bla bla bla thats straight up a shit paint match with no blend done. i would have left the car there and told them to re do it