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the east is way weaker, the top 20 are all known riders in west, only top 10 in west

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haves will still be the haves, have nots will still be the have nots. just like shorts results were no different from factory bike to non factory

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they could at least hold a pit board up with all there sponsors decals on it or even better have them scrolling along the bottom of the screen during there interview

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id watch it I think its awesome what these guys do

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only an American could find that funny

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did I miss the train tracks he was glued to? if he could take the inside with that much speed poto would be his bitch right meow, if he hadn't of tucked the front he would have straight up t boned that dude into that grandstand

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pretty epic sand dune air time right there

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did that camera man get hurt? he was standing exactly were the engine plowed through

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who cares they made to get dirty anyway!

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twitch hands down. the titles never been "biggest whip" but best whip no one has his style doing it. guys like McNeil maybe big but its so messy. if he was still around cinqmars as well

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i think its the non space age plastic and exhaust that makes all the difference

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I just tuned into live practice why are they not wheeling onto the kicker tabletop before whoop section is bubba doing it chino would shut these mofos down

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really? id have no regrets being a potatoe salad when he turns 50, the guys lived 10 lives already, what fun do you really have in "later life"?