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Not even RV can win on the Yamaha 450 (Sorry, I had to

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Congrats! I rode my buddy's TC250 and it just felt like it signed off so fast up top compared to my 350. I'm sure its gonna take some getting used to.

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Yes you can. You need an entire take out 350 engine to swap into it.

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Honda East Toledo. Highly doubt you will find a better OTD price.

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You still put in how ever much work you want. You just go a lot faster. If you race with some guys that are really fit and powerful it's going to take a ton of energy to keep up with them. You'll just be going a lot faster than a regular bike for the ... more »

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The dirt is stored at the stadium. It's as simple and renting equipment and going out to the storage area either in the parking lot or basement and moving it.

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HC piston, DCR cams, Vortex ignition, Race gas. Over 60hp

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Dealer A sells 10 bikes at full MSRP. Say that's $10,000 with $4,000 in profit. Dealer B sells 40 bikes for a discounted rate of $7,000 and had $1,000 in profit. 2 different business models. Same result. Dealer A actually did less work and had to prep ... more »

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Newest addition. 2020 Specialized Fuse Comp 29. Back to the hardtail life and loving it.

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Very interesting. I also have a 2018 KTM 350SXF that's used mainly for moto. I installed the radius CX myself. I never took the EXP disc apart so I really have no idea whats inside. I don't have any of the symptoms your describing. I would say I have ... more »

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Fluid in a blind hole. Typically when this happens with an aluminum block it will actually blow the side of the block out when torqued.

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Some trouble as in it is freewheeling or it isn't freewheeling?

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IMO they should be trying to move that bike for in the $6,000 range. Anything more than than really isn't a very good deal. Call Honda East in Toledo and you can probably get a 2020 for around $8,500

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OEM or Crankworks

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Old thread but I used a Ryobi gas pressure washer all year with a 30 gallon tank sitting on the tailgate of the truck gravity fed. Never had a single issue.

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Baja Acres - My home track and it just flows really well with the sandy soil Redbud - Great dirt and super fun layout

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I have a policy through Progressive. $175/Year. Covers $3,000 in accessories as well. It's a no-brainer.

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Exactly what I would do. Dust it with a few strokes to add some cross hatch to the bore without removing material. Basically give it a fresh finish for the rings and let it ride.

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I still stand by this statement

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If they stay on the same cycle they've been using it will be 2022. 2021 will get the orange frame for all bikes(Not just FE) and 2022 will be the new model.