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At my previous employment I worked for a piston manufacture. We got a sample piston in from a Star 5v 250F. It was made by Cosworth and the entire piston was DLC coated. I had never seen that before.

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How is the purse distributed? At the end of a long season of both supercross and motocross there will only be say 3-5 guys that really have a shot at winning. If the purse doesn't pay back into the field why would riders want to enter another 3 races ... more »

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I HIGHLY doubt that he will come in over half way through the season fresh off of an injury and run top 3 right off the bat. That's very wishful thinking.

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I still think they have a lot of work to do. The pro guys turn laps within a second or 2 of their fastest at the end of a 30 minute moto. All of these guys Deegan included slowed way down after about 5 laps. 5+ seconds off of there fastest lap times. ... more »

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If you don't think Roczens best days are behind him than you have blinders on.

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What a shit show. $30/mo is more than I pay for ANY content subscription. If they stick with Flo for 2023 than I'm out. I'll watch the highlights on Youtube.

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You have one of the best looking and handling Huskys ever made. Spend the money on cone valves.

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I saw him on mini's at the Baja Brawl a few years back. He was absolutely ripping. I always wondered what happened to him.

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In heavy dust or sand you literally do need to change the filter every moto. Poor filter maintenance will blow anything up.

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You do know that JMart is out for the season right....

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Jmart dropped this news on Pulp last night. He said that he had an offer from Star but he wanted a change of scenery. He also said that he feels like he needs to heal up and finish an entire 250 season before he goes 450. I hope that he can stay healthy ... more »

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What do you do for fueling? OEM in-tank pump and a 2nd injector enough for that power level on E85?

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There are 2 things that I took away from watching that animated track map video. Holy crap that's a long start straight and the lap times could be 1:45-2:00.

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He's definitely better than what he has been. Glancing at the RacerX Vault he has been a 12-15th place 450 guy pretty consistently over the years.

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DLC is measured in microns. It's lay up thickness is far less than any bushing tolerance.

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If you're having issues breathing out of your nose there is a high likely hood that you have a deviated septum. Goggles sitting on your nose just make it worse.

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Are you high? The guy has already had multiple top 5 finishes in 450SX and he currently looks the best he's ever been.

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Straight up beating him? Prado has won 2 motos in 3 races. Renaux has won 1. I would say they are currently on the same level. Renaux has been riding very well but Prado has also had some inconsistencies as well as a shoulder injury this year.

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Prado went to the 450 class when he was 19 and won races in his rookie season. Jett is on the same progression.