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The variance is in the cans. The pumps are are flowed, sealed, and certified by the department of weights and measures.

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Call Wiseco. Prox is owned by the same parent company. They use the same inventory system so they can stock check prox part numbers.

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Its crazy how different people can be. My 2016 YZ250F is far and above my favorite bike I ever owned. Chassis was so stable and predictable, motor was super strong , and suspension was just dialed. Only thing was it didn't turn as well as the new generation. ... more »

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YZ250F Super stable chassis Strongest feeling bottom end in class Best suspension in class Overall just a great package for a rider at any level

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I let my buddy borrow my old 2015 Husky TC125 for a trail ride. He looped it out and the subframe snapped. Fender didn't even break.

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Your buddy's bike must be a freak. My 2016 YZ250F would smoke a filter in a single moto. My old 2012 Honda could just about last an entire race weekend on the same filter. It's not even in the same ball park.

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Most trails in lower Michigan are going to be sandy. You can try Kalkaska but you'll be trading sand for tree roots.

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This^ He'll be perfectly fine. He'll end up on a good factory team for 2021. You don't luck into a win in professional supercross/motocross.

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Pro-X finds the OEM supplier and has them repop the parts for them. So they are OEM quality.

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Order a new top end for it now. Bring a clutch with you as well.

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I have 2 Moto 9 Flex helmets. I've used Scott, 100%, Spy, and Dragon without an issue.

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I've only watched about 1/2 of episode 2 so far. Does he touch on TwoTwo Motorsports at all? 1.5 episodes in and its hardly been mentioned.

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I use the M8 gear lube in my Fountain. Don't use it in the bikes tho.

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Standard deletes and a CP3 conversion and that truck will be dead nuts reliable. Ask for the lowest HP tune whoever you go with offers. 30-40hp over stock is good.

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14-51 gearing will go just over 80mph.

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Agreed. Ship UPS and insured for the full replacement valve and I would bet its $125+ Ship USPS for half that and pray to whatever god you believe in that you'll even see it again.

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I believe his bike blew up in the 1st moto.

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10th-15th for Robertson. If he can ace 2 starts and stay off the ground than maybe top 10. Both of those things are a tall order for a rookie.

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90% of the time I know. There is always that 10% where you come into a tight corner from a fast section and you click down to what you think is 2nd and its really 1st lol

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I don't think it was a weak excuse at all. He basically said that the OEM's have him by the balls. They say jump and he says how high. Got to have some respect for him at least admitting to that.