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Michael, Would it be fun for a 200lbs 43yo that has only ridden 250 two strokes since 1994 and can still wring one out with the best of them... or should he pick up a left over 2016 KX450 since it would look cool next to his low hour 2006 KX250? Super ... more »

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I have to admit that I am not a Yamaha fan, however, that angle makes it look pretty sweet and yes the YoT graphics are sweet!!!

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I know I will buy a 16 KX450.... so why do I keep reading these KTM 350 threads. I have only ridden 2 stroke 250s for the past 20 years and can still scream mine to sort of keep up, I am just afraid I will get on the 450 and be overwhelmed with the power ... more »

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1. Non Moto

2. Not a 2 stroke 3. That thing is effing sweet and I want to take it for a spin! ... more »
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Why can't I watch vital videos on my iPhone???? I always assume it's operator error of some sort but it's been going on for a few weeks now!

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I'm having thanksgiving dinner at my parents in Fountain Hills AZ and there is a cool breeze on the patio and I have jeans and a at shirt on! I guess it's kinda chilly here too

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It's a business, if there was profit to be made they would do it... period.

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I've never had an issue and I can't remember the last time I checked sprocket bolts other than when mounting ... you guys must suck at motorcrossing

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I see what you did there.... clever

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so, you say it isn't a barn????

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That is awesome to hear you had a similar experience to mine at the MEC this year. I had my son on my shoulders and we were gawking at the factory Yamahas, the blue ones as my boy says, and he just walked up and started shaking hands and saying hi to ... more »

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Is it about 5 hours from Vegas?

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I might have to come check it out

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... ... ... ...