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Reply to WP AER48 - KYB by Technical Touch Belgium photos 3/30/2020 6:34 PM

I can understand you guys speaking your freaky deaky Dutch .... I am joking! I am first generation American from Dutch parents and if I sound out the words and add my fathers accent I understand about 80% and then just fill in the blanks! I am more than ... more »

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Reply to Eli in quarantine 3/30/2020 5:51 PM

Nice to see him calm it down and ride within his limits, you know no need to go crazy!

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Two of my staff members are having surgery this week one is a hand/wrist and the other is a second knee procedure. Everyone isn’t locked in their homes And every area is not the same, just because one hospital in NY is storing bodies in a freezer truck ... more »

Reply to multi-tiered dirt bike lines 3/30/2020 8:17 AM

I love these threads...I am pretty sure the manufacturers have a market development department or something similar that studies sales and marketing and what their customers want and how to gain more market share. I would also be certain that every manufacturer ... more »

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That looks awesome, I was playing around on Decal Works as well to come up with some ideas for when I actually get my FC350 and looks like we have similar tastes! I kept going back and forth with the grey on the bottom or yellow like you have it, I was

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Moto Puppy!

Reply to Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus 3/29/2020 8:14 PM

Seriously non moto... you guys really going stir crazy aren’t you?

Reply to Sit mx out 3/29/2020 6:51 PM

I think 3 time wants to be 4 time ... pretty sure ET will race!

Reply to Jordan Burns down hard! 3/29/2020 2:10 PM

what I do for the active military here in Southern Nevada requires us to plan for these types of events and as of Friday here in Vegas all hospitals are reporting low volumes in their emergency rooms and all operating normally with full staff so it isn’t ... more »

Reply to Electric powerwashers: junk? 3/29/2020 12:35 PM

Reply to Electric powerwashers: junk? 3/29/2020 12:33 PM

I couldn’t locate a model number, but it is a “green works” 1500 psi electric. In all honesty it isn’t the most powerful so I usually pre soak it with a regular hose first to allow any dried on chunks to get wet again and even then it might take a few ... more »

Reply to Electric powerwashers: junk? 3/29/2020 12:22 PM

Holy 4 year old thread batman... always fun to revisit these topics. I posted back in 2016 about the 100 dollar green one from Lowe’s, it’s over 6 years old and just won’t break... I have had zero issues with it and use it almost every weekend!

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Reply to What are your favorite Moto Sites? 3/28/2020 1:11 PM

Vital.... That is all

Reply to Quarantine Sales 3/28/2020 12:10 PM

I’m still waiting on 50% off on a 2020 FC350... and waiting and waiting!

Reply to 2019 rmz450 otd price 3/28/2020 9:10 AM

I am a 19 series in the army, Armor crewman and cavalry scout when enlisted and now after OCS also 19C or armor reconnaissance officer but somehow I was assigned to a logistics battalion as the executive officer within a sustainment brigade... I still ... more »

Reply to 2019 rmz450 otd price 3/28/2020 8:25 AM

I’m also AD Army and in the market for a new bike and on the “essential personnel” list, my CoC has us on a 60mile radius! Sucks because our local dealer is a typical motorsports superstore and seem to add thousands to their prices and think they are ... more »

Reply to 3D printing a respirator, open source 3/27/2020 8:03 AM

Dude that’s cool! I’m active military and deemed essential staff so I have been in the office all week and have been unbuttoning my uniform sleeve to open the doors... can I purchase one somewhere so I can hold my proximity card to unlock the door and ... more »

Reply to Let’s see those 2020 setups for the year! 3/26/2020 4:40 PM

Freshened up the ole 2006 KX250 since taking this photo a few weeks ago: pulled the back end down and greased linkage, swingarm, service shock, pulled the pipe and got after it with some grey scotch brite and WD40, checked power valve spring, ... more »
Reply to MX Vise, the bench kind. Suspension guru's must see... 3/25/2020 11:06 PM

Do you think an average Vet A vise user will notice a performance gain from the TiN coated shaft or would you have to be a Pro Vise user to take advantage of the specialty coating ... I would buy it anyway just because of the cool coating even though

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