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Tommy wont be racing. Hes just coming back from a big injury. Pretty sure mcconhay is retired from the big stuff now. Raced a few local races but a working guy now

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I think it's pretty lame when alessi is on the inside like that and drives outside he could have hugged inside and everything would have been good. I think block passing in corners is one thing but that wasn't the right place to do that. But that is ... more »

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Doesn't it seem a bit early to give up on ffallk yet he seems like he has lots of potential if he could stay healthy

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Just be prepared they will charge you the same for one night as if you stay for 5 nights which I think it's 50 bucks if I remember right. I wouldn't even bother bringing the pit bikes they don't tolerate it at events like this. If you haven't bought ... more »

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Tickets at the track are about 45$ each without a pit pass. The little store near the track washougal Mercantile has great stuff if you bring a bbq with you

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That kids killing it. Points both races this year

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Adam was a mess that first moto. Hes lucky it wasn't slot worse

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No fricking way. There's not enough races and not enough earnings.most of these guys are still living at home or somewhere for next to free. If you actually had to pay taxes on that money😂😂. I luv mx but it's the worst career path

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It's pretty obvious you can tell the kids that have the talent to make it to the top right away even on little bikes. I think they provide a place for kids and people the train 24/7 But I've never seen a kid go there and magically come out like Ricky ... more »

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He should get the most improved award. You could see it starting to happen last year

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Alot of great points in this thing I see too is for the core riders.(int, pros)Kids seem a bit smarter now and move on from mx racing and into the mainstream work force alot faster.when u look at local racing the pro/ into turnout is really ... more »

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Moisimen has improved a ton. I'd say he gets the award for most improved this year. His rides in sx were really good

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Justin hill did well. Both motos

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Exactly that's the confusing part

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That moto was a step in the right direction hopefully things keep getting better for him but those top 10 guys are all solid

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Kennt definitely slow down the last few laps in his line selection wasn't all that good but when you're the leader you can't see what's going on behind you. Tomac on press day was on rails.

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Seems like desire to me. When he gets good starts he seems to run the pace. When he doesnt he finishes where he starts

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Was anyone shocked at the price? What did you guys pay for these things

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I agree. At least top 10 material on a bad day.

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Ricky's biggest win besides Aldon was being able to stay virtually injury free his whole career. How the hell did he manage to pull that off in this sport?He had one big injury. He probably could have had 165 wins. Imagine if RV pulled that off. With ... more »