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Reply to Custom machining an "obsolete/NLA" power valve? 9/20/2019 7:11 PM

papouch49 how did the part test go for the powervalve, I am in search for a set for a 1989 KX250 and I am interested is seeing how things went.

Reply to Jessy Nelson's Benefit eBay Auction 10/12/2016 2:51 PM

Here is the actual photo of the MiniMe moto that we did for Jessy, we know it was not the most money on the board, but it was what we could do to help and would do it again. Stay strong Jessy

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Reply to 2002 cr 125 Plano honda shark energy build 2/27/2015 8:12 PM

rmartin517, look at what I found in the garage tonight, I knew I had them somewhere, but have so much crap, could not locate them. These are the original kits from Factory Effex 2002.

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Reply to 1981 YZ125H modified vintage racer 12/1/2014 9:09 PM

Hey, found this on SoCal craigslist. Somebody has to snap this up.

Reply to 1992 Peak Pro Circuit CR125 Build 11/10/2014 2:29 PM

I know you probably already saw this, but here you go anyway.

Reply to 1992 Peak Pro Circuit CR125 Build 11/7/2014 2:33 PM

I don't want to know what the reserve is on this item, but if I had the cash, i would buy it. You don't see many of these around. ... more »

Reply to 2002 Plano Honda shark energy 10/14/2014 9:55 AM

Hey Martin, I know I have a bunch of plates for that team and I think I have a set of the graphics also, let me check and I will get back to you.

Reply to Anyone building a trick 99-01 YZ125? 6/3/2014 9:39 PM

Found this in the garage today, gonna pop it up on ebay this weekend, full Ti subframe for a 00-01 YZ125/250. ... more »
Reply to 1997 KX250 Restoration - UPDATED 6/2/2014 12:31 PM

Did anyone else but me know exactly how Matt felt in the video, seeing the other riders up ahead and the body just letting you know that you will not be going after them! I had a great time watching it, bike looked great and sounded like it ran pretty ... more »

Reply to the best/worst honda 125 5/17/2014 4:57 PM

Yep, I know I need to get it running first as that would at least make it a little more desirable, just wanted to get a feel for how much effort I should put into it. I will put a little effort into it and go from there. Thanks. What is Mark's vintage ... more »

Reply to 1973 XR75 5/17/2014 4:41 PM

I also have one that has been waiting on a restore for about 20 years along with an MR50, but here is a photo of my first bike that was mine only, not a family bike. My dad built the motor with Poweroll parts and a Bassani exhaust enough until ... more »
Reply to the best/worst honda 125 5/15/2014 1:30 PM

I know I will hear from the haters, but I have a 1981 CR125 complete, that I got as payment and I am thinking of selling, it is in really good shape. I have not tried to start it but was told it ran, but I have to many projects to restore this bike.What ... more »

Reply to Factory KX250 Build 3/31/2014 9:24 PM

I have not sold them, wasn't sure I wanted to, but could be talked into it. I have asked a few people who sent me messages about them, but never heard back from them. What do you guys think they are worth?

Reply to Factory KX250 Build 3/20/2014 9:01 AM

Stole this photo from Buckley's site, thought you would like it if you had not seen it. I sent you an email regarding the plastics.
Reply to crickets three 3/18/2014 12:47 PM

I love the look of that Mag4 helmet with the TLD peak visor and the Scott Venturi mask. I could not use Scotts, so I rocked the Oakley/Jofa look with an open face Arai and TLD visor which was still badass. I would like to see more semi-resto jobs used ... more »

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Reply to Factory KX250 Build 3/11/2014 4:57 PM

It' funny, because I just posted that I found those plates, shrouds, rear fender and I believe that seat and a Damon Huffman seat in my garage last week and posted photos in another thread. I also have the seat that goes with the ... more »
Reply to 1997 KX250 Restoration - UPDATED 3/4/2014 9:42 PM

MadMatt, I found these in the garage after I looked at this thread, you have a very cool rebuild going. Hope the photos uploaded. ... more »
Reply to former mini stars 8/28/2009 11:39 AM

I raced mini flat track against Tim Aston back in the mid-Seventies on a silver tanked, twin shock YZ80A and I smoked him every week till I quit racing at the ripe old age of 11. Started racing moto in the early 80's and he was a Team Green support rider ... more »