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I had pretty good luck buying a new car last year using this process (I wanted a used car, but a new car ended up being only like 1000 more than a 3 year old model): 1. Used to find the dealer invoice cost of the car, so I have a rough idea ... more »

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Agreed. They'd seem a lot more genuine if they were less formal, like Stew's.

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Hold your line, and if it happens a lot, go ride the vet track instead.

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Man, this whole week or two has been something out of the twilight zone: Reed is Villopoto, Dungey is Friese, Yamahas are good, Motocrossers cry, and UFC gets bumped because of conflicts with Supercross. You gotta admit though, there's a sliver of truth ... more »

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Already put this in another thread, but it's relevant here too

... more »
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1. It's dangerous, but that doesn't mean you have to ride DANGEROUSLY. And unlike some sports, your health is mostly in your own hands. 2. Most of the money I've made has been a result of riding in some way.

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That's funny because I really like the size of the KX, and I use the mellower coupler to make it feel more like the Honda. But for all I know, I could be the minority. As for getting the latest and greatest, sometimes the last version of the old model ... more »

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I personally didn't mind it either, but I know it was a big cause of frustration for a ton of people, haha.

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Give me an updated Reflex with smaller scaled sx tracks, smoother track deformation (less choppiness in the turns), the ability to touch other riders/objects without crashing (though not as forgiving as Alive), downloadable tracks, and a "beginner" mode ... more »

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250f's have never cost me any more money than a two stroke would have. My last 250f had 120ish hours and I never had to adjust the valves or rebuild (and I checked to make sure). I don't race, but ride a lot of tracks, where I'm about mid-pack speed-wise, ... more »

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Thanks, I'm not as tall as all you guys, only 6', but had been tossing the idea of lower foot pegs around a bit. I've noticed I've developed a habit of letting my ankles flex a bit too much to let my body sink down to where it's more comfy, and that's ... more »

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All you guys running lower pegs: Have you ever snagged a toe or anything because of less clearance from the ground?

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At first, I thought "Wow, nice work with the necklace". Then I scrolled up and saw he was actually wearing that. Then, I thought "Wow, killer work with the earrings". Then I scrolled up and saw he was actually wearing those.

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I noticed my 07 CRF250's front brake worked really really good. Other stock bikes I've tried feel pretty spongy in comparison.

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No idea about 450s, but I checked my 07 CRF250 at about 20, 60, and 90 hours and everything was within spec each time. I never really rode it hard and was good with maintenance too.

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Alive had much more of an "arcade" feel to it, Reflex actually took some finesse. I vote for Reflex physics all the way! I feel like Reflex was the sweet spot for motocross games. The only thing that I liked better about Alive was the fact it wasn't ... more »

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Oh no, is that "my feet are actually sinking" Randy in the announcer booth?

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It was at Milestone today. Another thread with more details here:,20/Austin-Howell,1262832

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I've been screwing around with a Google Chrome extension that does that: Not perfect by any means, but thought it might be useful.