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Ah, nevermind

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Hang in there buddy. You can make it and it will all work out good. It will seem strange because often they dont tell you all the different things you will feel while recovering, but each stage will pass and you can do it. Prayers for you brother, may ... more »

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Hes 50. Goes fast on anything he rides. Races vintage 100s also. Talented and stays fit. Rides like he is in his 20s and then off comes the helmet and there's all the gray. He should be there solid to the end for an excellent overall in both 45 plus ... more »

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The riders are expendable. The show always goes on. Anyone making decisions about a hazard like this is too fat and happy to address it. If the factories aren't bitching trying to protect their riders then you know not a damn person cares, and the factories ... more »

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If follow. I do have a question. Where can I find a $340k home with property taxes at $100 per month?

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Hang tough Grant! 10 minutes at a time. Then 20 minutes at a time. You can make it. Praying for you and wishing you comfort and strength! Everything is going to be o.k. Look forward to the next good thing, the next good sign, the next thing u see that ... more »

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New Fan here!! Go man Go!!!!

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Cant blame the banners, because you have to go back where you left the track of you cant get back on or run through the banners, and the advantage gained was more so over all 3 dozen or so riders on the track who were not granted a pass on a mistake ... more »

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With the OPs attitude today, we should all be thankful he is occupied with this thread creation. Thanks to all the hardworking Vital team members and committed contributors for keeping this person focusing their agitations in a direction where no one ... more »

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Webb said they should have skipped the e-start and put power steering on it. Oh well something to look forward to for 19' along with blue tooth operated brakes with no hydraulic lines, a self cleaning air filter, and an air ride seat, all adjusted from ... more »

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Looks comfortable.

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True, you got me figured out. Speed and heads hitting the ground hasnt changed much.Truth is there's not much to take seriously on the topic since helmet technology advancements are minimal and happening so slow its as if they arent happening at all. ... more »

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He made a leap yes. He went from I feel it protected my head so well, to everyone should be required to use the 6D (or similar technology).. In conversation that might be seen as over bolstering the point about how good something is, or it might be just ... more »

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How about rim colors on any bike? If you havent roached the rims in 6 months, you are either riding to slow or arent getting your monies worth out of the bike or both. You should be lacing up a set of new rims in 6 months, or you didn't need an 18' to ... more »

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Hey OP, if indeed the 6D technology was proven superior through extensive independent testing conducted by a sanctioning body that was out to set higher standards for equipment riders must use, then i suppose it wouldn't be so bad to see a new requirement ... more »

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The changes made to the LL vet classes Sportsman vs. Non Sportsman were a step in the right direction to encourage those discouraged to sign up against former "pros" and try to qualify. This will help LL have a better chance at full gates in the sportsman ... more »

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Oh yeh Tru dat. He may be the only one who can overcome such an event.

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First one with a mechanical issue will drop the head.

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I wish I wouldnt have read this post. I would however like a video on the subject.

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If i am interpretating your comment correctly, then you seem to be showcasing that Bloss has not set the world on fire and those who suggested he would by now are idiots. Maybe youre right, but maybe you're just a dick. Nope wait,... its both, and if ... more »