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I should worded the comment differently. I know he was in the 250 class. I was just commenting on how many 450 guys were entered. I think it was 87 from memory.

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Probably tipped over. There were over 80 riders entered in the 450's. Some of them didn't even make it into the LCQ.

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My gawd !. Unless you are an aspiring AMA professional this is insane. You could by 2 really well prepped 250 2 strokes for that kind of money. Certainly for a vet rider you can win on a 2 stroke on most tracks.

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What if he kept going at the same speed he was going at when he left the track. Would it really matter then. He slowed from the speed he was going when it flew off. What if would have came to a stop?. Theoretically, any movement would have been an acceleration. ... more »

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Unfortunately you're correct. And I say unfortunately because the current rule basically allows you to make mistakes go off the track and not have suffered any time penalty. If a rider has to go back to where they went off they're going to lose a lot ... more »

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Not shit !!!. Those fucking tracks started off overly watered (Saddleback looked liked it was basically giant clods of mud) and ended up hard as fucking rock. I swear the bumps going up the uphill at Carlsbad never moved. The same exact bumps where there ... more »

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I went down to the Outdoor at Glen Helen last year and it's hard to tell the difference in speed between the guys up front and the guy back in 20th in any one particular section. Not only that everyone one of the guys that qualified were going damn fast ... more »

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Thanks, I haven't watched the race yet.

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You're best bet is to find someone that is in your area that is heading out here for the first Outdoor National who can bring the bike with them.

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She's the real deal. I looked her up a few years ago wondering who the heck she was. Granted she's probably running some gear. She does have this strange thing with her face where it looks almost like the skin isn't attached to the underlying muscle. ... more »

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They (Ricky and Ralphie) need to get their heads out of the booth and look out and see what is happening on the track. When you're watching the race you can hear the crowd volume go up when something happens. One of them needs to look up from the monitor ... more »

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But nobody is using steroids or other performance enhancing drugs in motocross, no siree Bob. Nope, not happening. I just still cannot believe some of you actually believe that.

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Most riders I see have their shift lever TOO LOW. You need to be able to get your foot under it without have to flex your ankle down very much if not at all.

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So if I had a child and they were into racing I teach them how to make money by buying an asset at less than it's fair market value and then reselling immediately at a profit. You could make a lot of money at Loretta Lynn's by buying bikes and selling ... more »

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The interviewer should have taken a few steps back and asked a more general question if the issue was mechanical or electrical.

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Great interview.

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Yeah, I'm sure he ate "tainted" meat. Trenbolone (tren) is a favorite steroid for a lot of folks. Can have some nasty side effects though.