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Nah, I’ll just wear a hole in my couch. 😂

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“We do have the FIM especially if we are going to be the world championship, which obviously we are. We have to have the FIM in order to compete outside the U.S.”

1) We do not not need to have a "World Championship" status. Everybody knows where the best Supercross racing is held.
2) No, they don't need the FIM to race outside the U.S. Only to be FIM sanctioned outside the U.S. Why do we need the FIM? Because the FIM said so? Oh, right: because we all agreed that we need the FIM. You know, because the FIM said so. And we agreed. Because they said so.
A company the size of Feld could kick the FIM right in the balls and start their own US series in any discipline. The OEMs would come online within 3 seasons and the FIM would be out of business in America.

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The shift from last season's broadcasts to this one is markedly declined this season. Starting with the broadcast "team", RC has mostly slugged along with his limited vocabulary and ingrained biases, and his boothmate is as stale as he has been for a few seasons ( where's Emig or KDub? ). The real injustice is with the broadcast itself. Following fifth and sixth place riders ( and worse ), no follow ups on crashed riders and DNFs, and showing the "highlight of the race"...when the main is only three laps into the race. Pretty lame showing by the NBC broadcast team overall. They need to hire some of the folks that managed things prior to this season.

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Is this Cooksey bloke for
real? I bet you’re the type of guy who demands your kids receive a participation trophy for anything they’re not good at. Every rider has the option to not ride the track if they choose. “The bikes are too fast”?? Hand in your resignation and go write a blog for Tour De France then if motorcycles scare you.

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Yamacross Action!!!tongue

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