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Added a comment to smoker13's bike check 7/20/2019 5:11 PM
1997 Honda CR500

Wow this is very cool and different. Who made the tank for you and would they ship to the USA ?

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Added a comment about video MXGP 3: Charlotte & Glen Helen Gameplay 5/31/2017 7:10 AM

AI looks easily beaten still which kinda sucks. I get so bored in mxgp 2 i just let everyone go for a half lap then play catch up. Till they make AI fast I guess ill race my friends in private matches. Game does look a lot better graphics wise and 2 strokes makes happy

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Added a comment to Carl 44's bike check 3/22/2017 8:29 AM
2002 Service Honda 500AF

Hey Carl. This is chris kelly's kid , Shane. Very nice 500 !! Looks awesome

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Added a comment to braaap707's bike check 3/22/2017 8:24 AM
14 Husqvarna TC250

I like the suspension very much. I personally like the open chamber 13-14 fork way more then the 15-16 4CS as far as stock stuff goes but the gold valves brought it to a new level. Very plush but still hold up really well to big hits. I did a pro circuit lowering link to and that helped get the shock lower in the stroke and doesnt kick me anymore. Overall best suspension ive ever ridden with and almost as good as the cone valves and trax shock that friends have on their bikes. I didn't do it myself. Guy that works at a local KTM dealership up here that are also are racetech dealer performed the modification. With such a potent engine these bikes are almost sketchy sometimes just because they are so raw but once you have great suspension its really confidence inspiring knowing that you can hold it on that little bit longer going throught the rough stuff and it wont buck you off

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1989 Honda CR 125  - Nino Fenaroli

Very trick. Love the 89 cr125's and yours is the baddest one ive ever seen. Good job nino.

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