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Following. Just bought one in a box with everything to rebuild motor and suspension for 200 bucks. Couldnt pass it up. Would love to see more pics!

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Fingers crossed someone in here posts a stream again 🤞 You know u are and your a damn life saver

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Everything turbojez said but thought I'd throw this out there. Chased that perfect sound on my 95 Honda 125 with new silencers until I had an idea of just having pc put the old stinger end cap on. Then boom totally different tone to the PC round end

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Hi guys. Shane here, New England Motorcycle Museum project manager. This thing is real deal. It was very cool to hear it start up and I can assure u this thing is even nicer in person. We also have a few others that are like new as well that came from ... more »

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Ahh I do have 1 pic of the 87 cr500. It doesn't do it justice tho. I'll get better one when I take pics of rest tommorow

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Some pics of few projects up here at New England Motorcycle Museum. 83 Maico 490 spider, 91 Kawi KDX250 and 2 ongoing Cr500 builds. 89 with alu tank and ohlins (waiting on ohlins shock) and 03 500 AF as well. I'll try to grab few pics of few other good

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Yes it goes right on. I bought a new style pc r304r shorty direct from pc and talked them into installing the stinger. They did it for something cheap like 40 bucks, not like it's hard but just saved me the aggravation. Honestly surprised I haven't seen ... more »

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Beyond pumped for this ping ! Where do we go from here ? Too early to get him filled in on where to get ur gear cleaned , TYLER, importance of properly torqueing sprocket bolts, and bears ? Hahaha.

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As a kid i always looked foward to coming home from school to a fresh racer x mag that id spend next few hours scouring through and your articles were a highlight. Your a great story teller and funny mo fo as well. Look forward to how whiskey throttle ... more »

Liked a bike check 2007 RM250 10/15/2019 5:41 AM
2007 RM250
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Is that a prototype bike /Precursor bike to the 02 ? Pretty cool pic ive never seen before.

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Hi guys. After riding 500's a lot these last few weeks I've decided to sell my modern husky 250 smoker as to fund the rest of my 96 cr250 build as well as buy a 500 to do over this winter. Having put some time on cr's and kx's of various years, yz490, ... more »

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The 18 inch is no problem. I moto a 17 450 xcf and don't even notice a difference to my 17 tc250. As far as 4cs goes, if you can find good bottoming resistance on big hits AND absorb chop then you'll be fine. Some can work with them others can't. Big ... more »

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1997 KX250 Unrestored
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After riding a 89 KX500 this last weekend in the sand of Southwick, i loved it so much i'm actually trying to trade one of my modern bikes for a KX500 but I'm also worried about lack of parts floating around. I see a few guys supporting cr500 motors ... more »

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Hey man for second time, bike is unrestored original survivor. Sometimes we get bikes that are really nice unrestored survivors. Other times we will restore them frame up. Sometimes just fix what is needed. It all varies depending on the condition of ... more »

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What ? Bikes in orginal unrestored condtion. As I said earlier in the post, it's original minus the grips, tires and clutch perch. Not sure how u got what u said out of that but it's 100% wrong. Thing is a original survivor. It has some very minor the ... more »

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Thanks man. Wow I love your CR. Looks clean and stock. I had a 03 I loved that bike. Your spot on with the price thing, yeah ppl are gonna offer 3500 but my counter point is, where else u gonna find a 20 year old KX250 in this shape ?

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Sometimes we have to sell bikes to keep business flowing unfortunately but we have a 99 and a 96 that both will be restored to oem specs so even tho it pains me to see it leave we have others. Give us a like on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube to see ... more »