Liked a bike check Rmz 450 4/26/2014 12:27 PM
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Hit me up on that 2011 model when yer ready to part ways with it. I travel up by Munn fairly frequently (Clifton area).

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I've had several YZ250F's and 450F's and I can tell you.....I never got them to turn nearly as well as a RMZ. Tried different clamps, bars, tires and lowering radiators. They all helped some but nothing magic. Turning isn't bad since 2006 but it's just ... more »

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Damn I hate to hear that. My favorite rider of all time. That's saying a lot since Hannah was my childhood idol. If this guys life ain't made for a movie I don't know what is.

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Sitting in the same location where they shot all of Dianna's segments I gained a lot of respect for her. Not nearly as easy as it seems. Constantly on the move from the floor to stands, smiling in everyone's selfies, posing with the goons wearing their

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Brayton down in the whoops. Walking off again. Tomac took a good digger in the rhythm. Never seen so many crashes in practice.

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Couple of observations..... Rhythm section after start is a bitch. A lot of mayhem so far. Triple after whoops is Nitro Circus worthy. Dudes over jumping left and right.

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Braylon down pretty hard in the rhythm section after the start. Limping off the track.

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Sitting in front of the whoops section....a lot of riders looking sketchy. Malcolm went down.

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If I was in his area I'd buy the bike solely to reward him for his literary skills. Well.....and to be a macho man.

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Picked up an 06 RM250 for a project bike but it has to have yellow hoops or I'm abandoning the project. I've looked all over but all I have found is gold rims, not yellow. I'll take just the rims or a complete wheel set . Any leads on where to find them? ... more »

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WD-40 and fine grade (0 or 00) steel wool. Use coarser grade first if the frame is really rough. You can also use a scotch- brite pad. Spray a small section of the frame and work the steel wool in a circular pattern. You can get a mirror finish with ... more »

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I know the numbering system but it is an interesting thought that would be valuable to BIG sponsors who we desperately need. Did you know that Discount Tire also sponsors Brad Keselowski who drives the number 22 car in NASCAR. I think Discount Tire would ... more »

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Not in Ca. but they ship parts regularly. Houston Cycle Salvage

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The bigger issue shouldn't be a comparison of NASCAR/SX but how in the hell did they get so damn big and wealthy? They started from not much at all. They must have employed some marking gurus.

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The $200 sign up fee for the 76 riders at the Dallas SX more than paid all of the prize money for the 250 main event! Same old song and dance with a lot of issues to resolve. First, the privateers could band together and make a difference...but it would ... more »

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1977 YZ80

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That's an awesome looking bike. Taking the time to do the frame really pays dividends.

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