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I would have bet money that he was NOT going to pass Roczen at GH. Made me very happy that he pulled the trigger and got it done. I'm always pulling for RD; great kid.

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Will be saying many prayers for you Toby.

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Took my son to the legendary Rio Bravo while I was just a spectator. Dang I love this place.

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BREATHE! Seriously......focus on breathing steadily. It makes a world of difference in endurance and minimizing arm pump. It's so easy to hold your breath while concentrating intensely.

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Had the opportunity to ride one many years ago. Man, what a different beast of a machine compared to MX. Much respect to those dudes. Bought a RMZ250 from a guy a few weeks ago and this was in his garage. I was there a long time just listening to his

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So what's the deal with MX'ers and the decal fetish? I guess motor heads in general have decals plastered everything. Why do we do this? Some of the elder statesmen will get the thread title.

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^^^ Me too. Used to head out of my garage, hang a right for a block and then another right for about 1/4 mile and there it less than 500 acres of undeveloped land. Before I started riding some of the dad's built a few tracks out there that ... more »

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James Stewart Blake Baggett

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How about this one? It doesn't have a name on it. It's brand new.

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NBC's Today Show just had a segment on Supercross with Carey Hart/RCH that was shot in NY before the race. Although the reporters didn't have a clue it was cool to see SX on a show with millions of viewers. It was one of those where Carey taught the ... more »

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Here's a summary of the 2014 outdoor season

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Found a hardly ridden 2010 RMZ250 I'm thinking about buying. I know they rated well in most reviews but what's the real-world opinions from people who have owned one for a while and not just one day? I especially want to know about reliability. I've ... more »

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Email info about the 350 to .
I'm kinda on the fence about buying another bike as my back has been giving me fits but sometimes I just can't resist a nice bike!

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2 stroke Green grass Logs I dig it

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Truly a cool story Bro! ATL at its finest.

Jaybird67k left a comment 5/1/2014 9:50 AM

Let me know if you want that 2011 350.


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Personally, I think his music is garbage and he sets a shitty example for young people with his "I love pot and alcohol" statements. BUT....I'm getting gray hair too so maybe I just don't get it. What I do 'get' is that his rapping about motocross may ... more »

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Mine ride for 1 day when she was 8. The temp was about 100 in the shade and not a stitch of wind blowing. That convinced her to stick with volleyball. Sure did look cute in that gear while it