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I vividly remember a day at Highlands MX Park when I was on top of my game and really haulin' ass for a slow guy. I came into a corner hotter than ever and before I could come out of it I was eating roost from James' rear tire. Don't know where the hell ... more »

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Even CR would have to chuckle at that. Well done!

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Good, neutral handling just like the current YZ 2 strokes. Powerband was pretty good but not as "smooth" as the motors of 03-current. I'd say to snatch that sucker up. Looks very clean.

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Service manual. You'll need the remaining $450 to cover a portion of the top end parts when she blows!

Added reply in a thread First Pic of Shorty On the Pumpkin 10/18/2010 7:59 PM

And the black rimmage will shave off at least .5 seconds a lap!

Added reply in a thread PLEASE HELP!! 10/17/2010 9:14 AM

Check the carb boot for dry rot cracks. You might need to take it off to look at it close enough.

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Maybe I'm getting too old but I'm over the X Games, especially the MX part. Who really gives a shit when it's right in the middle of the Nationals anyway?

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I never intended to like that Reed fella but the damned guy just won me over the last couple of years with his honesty and hard charging on the bike. Buying an expensive insurance policy on yourself that you'll win the MX championship and go out and ... more »

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If memory serves me right KW got his ass handed to him the last time he raced outdoors. Yeah, it was on a 250F but he was a non factor.

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Back in 1990 I bought a brand spankin new perimeter framed KX250 for about $3000. I had one of the first ones in the Houston area and I just knew I'd kick some ass on it. First race a guy on a clapped out 1983 CR250 smoked everyone in the class. I haven't ... more »

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Man, I really like KW but Regal should be on that bike. I'll be surprised to see KW top 5 at any round.

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EXACTLY. I've been a MX fan since 1976 and cramming everything into one day is just too much. You can't even go through the pits and check it all out unless you're willing to miss some practice. And who wants to drive a long distance for a one day event? ... more »

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Hard to tell because they opened up more spectating areas but it looked like there were more people here than the last two years. Attendance was definitely NOT poor.

Added reply in a thread Tomac 6/5/2010 4:03 PM

Eli hit a wall like I've never seen in both motos. Dude was haulin for 20 minutes and then fell to pieces. It is freakin hot out here.

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I joined this site back in 07 and it's threads like this that made me quit looking here. A dude asks a sensible question that is common for all professional sports and a bunch of blowhards start spouting off some senseless crap. Kind of reminds me of ... more »

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$15 @ Freestone

Started new thread It's a hot sumbitch in Texas! 5/29/2010 9:39 PM

If you read Andy Bowyer's Thursday Rev Up over at RX he nailed it. Racing in the scorching heat will whip your ass. The temp today was 97 in the Houston area with a decent amount of humidity. If it's this hot next weekend at Freestone the second moto ... more »

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BTW- sweet sand berm pic Took that photo of Bob Hannah at Lake Whitney in 1981 when I was 14 years old. It was actually the first time I had ever taken action pictures. Got a few more good ones of Howerton, Barnett, Magoo, Carlos Serrano, etc. Beginner's ... more »

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Truly is a beautiful sound and smell. I went back to a smoker for this reason but the damn bike don't sound quite the same with my old lame ass on it!

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I haven't been able to hear him since the thumpers invaded. Doesn't matter to me.