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Never any coverage on MX/Supercross. These are world class athletes on the elite level. Why no love from ESPN on Sportscenter etc?

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I rode my brothers YZ 125 with Tusk plates this past weekend. While it started out pretty good it faded bad.

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To the best of my knowledge the Alta is not legal for AMA competition. So no ALTA at A1.

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I wanted to see them in concert here local. As soon as I could purchase tickets they were sold out. I was bummed. I really like them.

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PaPouch49, beautiful.

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Primo dude. I enjoyed reading thru the entire thread.

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Good for him. Big fan. Looking forward to seeing him on the new Honda 250f.

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Depends who you ask.

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I did that when I was like 12. Every single company I mailed a preposted envelope sent me stickers back.

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You would think there would be some chatter about who Malcom was riding for by now.

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Looks like he popped the question in the French Quarter, atop Jax brewery, his new adopted state thanks to his La. fiancee.

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Solid pro tip. I have Used the shop vac many times on different occasions. Has always worked in a pinch! But it's a bitch to clean brake fluid from the shop vac hose.

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I didn't know Travis wore TLD.

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Stew sighting.

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Congrats to Versace!

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Good wishes Jakes way. Such an upbeat dude. I was looking forward to his season.