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In an ideal world. I wouldn't hold your breath.

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That's messed up.

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IMO its not that bad. Like Randy Richardson said on the Pulp show this week you draw the line under the bottom dollar. I would just prefer the onboard rider footage of one lap, but I don't pay Feld entertainments bills.

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Excellent. I think he gives DV a run for his money!

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That's really cool. Probably worth some coin to the right person.

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That's a crazy story. I googled into it cant find anything.

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It will make for a good looking hauler. I really like the white and teal.

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My parents had an AWD Astro. Drove it 200,000 miles without an issue. Sold it to a fellow in the area and he still drives it to this day. I can distinguish it by a Renthal sticker on the rear window he never took off. What about an older Toyota Land ... more »

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White Russian

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Interesting about Vurb. I cannot get into DXMS. I've tried to listen a few times. I prefer Pulp.

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Moto Tech was based in Taylor Mill, Kentucky. I will never forget that place. Small hole in the wall shop, always had the box van parked outside next to the building. The building that was Moto Tech has since been demolished for a new road. They were ... more »

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I would ask the person who is doing the powdercoat what they suggest. I definitely would block it off though. They likely have plugs or a cap they would use that can stand up to the heat.

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I am looking to do the same thing.

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LOL. Nice job on the replica. Always loved JLaws AM PM Boost Mobile bike.

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I would display this bike in my living room. Great find!

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I don't mind the drama element between Weston and Vince. Yeah, maybe Weston should be more professional with his words. On the same note, maybe Vince should ride a little more professional. The fault can be shared. If anything it makes it more exciting. ... more »

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The Fiolek's do live in St. Augustine