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Young kid. Passionate, motivated, fast, fiery at times. Made a mistake, somewhere between a bad decision and a bad attitude. Not good, BUT, nothing new. Seen it all before. What is the fuss about?

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I have experienced the opposite. I think the key is finding someone who works for you - a good set up is very individual.

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Don't like it, the front mudguard is too plain

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Maybe the team didn't know. Wouldn't be the first time.

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Agree 100% - 17 rounds is barely enough. Should be 20 rounds for SX and 16 for MX. Tomac takes a while to get started. Canard might need to rebound from an injury.

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Ulnar Collateral Ligament (Skier’s Thumb) Here,4007 Where it is on the thumb

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Tissue injury a result of riding his MX bike or something else?

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Wow, this place is pretty harsh. No room for a longer term strategy or some allowance for the fact the guy hasn't raced supercross for years. A rookie with his speed is sensational, but in his case it's woeful somehow. It's CP. move on.

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It's called art

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I am a fan of Trey, and was worried this time he might have lost some of the fire and speed. That was not a problem, rather I think he struggled a little with endurance. Not only is he extremely talented, but there are not many people who could be as ... more »

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Don't you know not to ask sensible questions on vital

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Not sure if it is already mentioned. But a military study I read when I had my last one takes about how getting the right food into you afterwards helps the brain recover. Often hard to do in a hospital when they don't want you to eat to make testing ... more »

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I find it interesting that most people can't tell the difference between the two incidents

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No. Because Canard didn't take out Dungey

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Sometime ago

... more »
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Change is always hard to stomach from one perspective or another. But it works fine for just about every other form of Motorsport. So can't be that bad. Won't stop a rider with a bad qualification, or who makes an early mistake coming through the field. ... more »

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Not the bike or the rider, rather the thread. Was hoping for something on ET.

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You first - and tell us how it goes.

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I am the same. His attitude off the track seems to have changed and he appears to have stopped riding for show and is try to just ride fast. Sure all kids grow up, but how much and while they are still in the MX game - another issue. Good on you Justin. ... more »