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RZS, ignore the "haters". There seems to be no shortage of them on Vital. Whatever gets you good time on the bike is good from my perspective. As for the issue, as above, a bit of trial and error. See what a rest from stretching does. From what I know, ... more »

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Maybe not grid starts, but what about a "V" shaped gate, instead of it being in a straight line?

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I am considering this so I can make more room in the back of the tray or put a canopy on there. So what about width on the road? Any issues?

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Decision isn't made yet I would say.

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Forget politics. To early to make a call. Outdoors hasn't even started.

Started new thread What do people think of Tomac's 4/27/2015 8:31 PM

Choice of kit - the colours particularly? The guys seems to love wearing gear that looks like a patch work of as many colours he can find? Love it? Hate it? Is he starting a new trend or out of his time?

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Where is the proof?

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Having dealt with contract law for many years (without being a lawyer) it sounds like there could be a couple of scenarios: 1. The reason for termination relates to a clause that may require some interpretation 2. The reason for the termination may lack ... more »

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The mossies in Thailand and the beetles in Argentina

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^ Agree. He really didn't look committed in the corners at all. So times mean nothing. Chances are he was testing engine settings or something like that.

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Can't remember?

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MXA wants you to buy the mag. Hence the article is really just the intro. Or the teaser. Maybe the OP missed this point. MXA writes stuff that is credible, informative, in-depth. They also know how to write a good story / narrative. This last bit won't ... more »

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Just watched it about 10 times and totally disagree. Bowers had no where to go because that is what he set up for himself and how he rides. Bell stayed high by the way. Bowers, was literally following Webb and cut under him and was heading up the berm ... more »