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But back on topic, while Dungey didn't need to respond, he is also entitled to make sure his comments are understood, if he so chooses.

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No air on the moon

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Yamaha releases 3rd generation reward facing engine

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Exactly right. The issue is real. The intent of the rule might be good. But it would lead to people riding late in the race with no vision through their goggles rather than taking them off - which may be worse. The rule needs to be smarter.

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If that track complies with the rules, the rules need to be changed! Saw a similar crash many years ago with a rider and a tree while racing beside another rider. You just can't have a trees next to a track. I often wonder even about the towers next ... more »

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Maybe true. But he is really just a kid with limited life experience. Gotta cut him some slack. Trey is a rare person.

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Been using a set for a while - 15hrs. Thought about softening the edges, but haven't found the need yet. Survived a few light drops so far.

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I am just curious as to what is the actual problem with a bike that "looks" small? All that really matters are the contact points - pegs, handlebars and seat. Assuming the pegs stay roughly in the same position and the handlebars/forks don't get lower, ... more »

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The sport can't grow beyond it's fan base. What caps this? Top 2 reasons IMHO: 1. Its dangerous (relative to many sports) 2. Its expensive (relative to many sports)

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Having worked in an organisation that was previously killing people and is now achieving very good safety outcomes, I can say that you need a safety culture to achieve substantial change. I don't see this in the organisers / leaders of the sport. Increasing ... more »

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Agree. shame to turn this into a contest about generations. It's before my time, but no doubt riders in the past were just as talented and innovative. Maybe more so in some ways because of how young the sport was. But credit where credit is due. James ... more »

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Bit old school

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He must be soft to bruise up like that.

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Probably explains why RV put on a little weight this year. Just Iike other relationships, the trainer and athlete relationship is complex. Some work better than others.

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At Muddy Creek in Moto 2 as best I can tell. 18th across the holeshot line and 4the at the end of lap 1. He should quit now before he gets any slower.


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Less if it was fuel injected

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What's new. Chad has a good point but some people don't like the way he gets it across... It's not because he is near the end of his career, but because he hasn't changed.

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For the record, I was not disagreeing with the decision at all. MX Sport have rules about interfering with bikes, and they are obligated to enforce them. DC is amazing to get on this blog and give people including me some of his time, and explain the ... more »

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I am confused. The tracks this year don't appear much different from previous years. Maybe a few less places to relax - so rough for more of the track. Thunder Valley certainly was a tricky track with an inconsistent surface and deep holes/ruts in some ... more »