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Bit dramatic there, eh? I don't have a Tesla, but do drive a plug-in. My spring-fall range drops by about 15% on the coldest days. I've heard Teslas are slightly worse, though I have yet to hear from a MN Tesla ower who hates them. Quite the opposite. ... more »

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AC was fastest all weekend. The fact that Barcia kept him in sight after the pass so he was able to pass back when AC bobbled was very impressive. I hope he’s able to hang with the top tier throughout the season. I wasn’t a fan of 250s Bam Bam, but thoroughly ... more »

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This may very well be true when you take into account "one-time impacts". However, who replaces their helmet every time they hit the deck? Most will after a big get off, but what about a low-speed tip over in a turn? How much do those falls compromise ... more »

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I really like mine. The only downside I've noticed is the rivet buttons that hold the padding on aren't the best. Keep an eye on them. It doesn't interfere with my atlas brace at all and the shoulder pad brace straps work great.

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If it can change you from a mediocre actress to a punk legend, I gotta find a dealer ASAP!

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This is a great start! Though, I'd go with a vinyl tile floor; much less likely to damage parts if you drop them. Also, a scope is super handy.

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This really sucks! Kudos to Geico, though. That was a very classy move on their part.

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Exactly. On the WW front, I've always wondered why teams spend so much on Ti bolts but you never hear about Al or nylon bolts which are common replacements in cycling and are both lighter and cheaper than Ti. I have a hard time believing an aluminum ... more »

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I hope this doesn’t interfere with his ramming. Either way, good for Alex!

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Practicing your copy and paste skills? You better add this comment to a few more threads just to make sure you don’t forget how it’s done.

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Not necessarily. When I was a warranty guy I was always much more likely to go out of my way for customers who were nice. I flat out told one manufacturer that I didn't think it was a legitimate claim (true) and that I was fine with them denying it because ... more »

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Warranties are by the manufacturer (KTM) not the distributor (RM). I handled all the warranty issues for a large pro shop in a different sport for years. I get that you're bummed, but you're taking it out on the wrong business.

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When I was a kid my whole family went to the races every year. Last summer I went back for my first time since the early 90s. It was impressive back then when they were putting out 5,000hp. Now, at roughly 11,000hp, it is utterly insane! It's awesome ... more »

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I saw the rider's instagram and he rides dirt bikes. Maybe take a practice jump with suspension meant for jumping first before hucking it on a Harley.

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I too hope he isn't picked. I completely understand why he didn't go the past two years and have no ill will, but those choices should have consequences. Let's be real though, if he's riding well he's going to get picked.

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Donny was the first pro I ever saw ride. My dad took me to Millville to check out an amateur race and he just happened to be there. Apparently, he wanted to get some more track time before he left for Europe, so he was lining up with all the other locals. ... more »

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Friese to win at least one of the 8 minute mains. Just to stir the pot. J. Mart to not suck, finally. See someone test the Steve Matthes (tm) nets. Weimer back to his 2016 form. Bonus: See J. Mart and Nicoletti come together at some point.

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Yes, call RV and ask him how he's enjoying living...somewhere.