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The thing is the 14-year old Roczen has more flair than the Roczen now too

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Mav missed the MSR thing at first 🤣😭 reading it I was like do these dudes not realize it's Smith... Glad to see yall got it figured out lmfao

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Omfg haha I'm dieing 🤣😂🤣

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Reserved for Mav's links.. 😆

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"But occasionally I wanna talk about meeeee"

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I remember when I was testing the prototype Forma boots in 2003/2004. They had a plastic hinge in the bootie, 99% of y'all never saw the bootie it cause it didn't make it to production. I shattered my tib/fib doc stopped counting at 40 pieces. The hinge ... more »

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~insert Maverick link to another thread~ 😂

Reply to Personal injury waivers in the information age. 3/9/2021 11:36 AM

Travis Pastrana used both signed and video for release of liability. We did the same at my own track. Like others have said, still can't always protect you but can help.

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Dude, it sounds like you've never raced before! If you've never been taken high in a corner or taken someone else high in a corner you've prob never raced or even been on a practice track nonetheless...

Reply to Yamaha or YZ 100 gurus!! 3/4/2021 11:19 AM

They were getting the aluminum brake pedals and shifters off of the 1985 yz125 for the 82/83 yz100s. Claims to save you 6 ounces of weight as well.

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Get the Yamaha

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Honestly the dude contributes just as much as you do to the moto community. I've been watching your posts for 10 years and you got to be miserable dude. Always so quick to call people out in literally every thread. Wishing you a healthy mindset bud.

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Bro same thing happened to all my trophies, every trophy I had from growing up got broke by a bitter ex. Over 200 trophies as well!

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Wow! Say hello to the dumbgeon for me.

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A bank owns the bikes then the dealer pays a monthly flooring fee. Also to the 250 topic YZ250's are in super high demand, shops don't get many of them and you'd be surprised how fast they sell especially since it's a two-stroke!

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Agree that was super cringe and got very awkward at some points. Wow, I would never say that kind of stuff about women that had me smh! What if his chick's family sees that? It honestly looked like they wanted to "be romantic" at some points and I wanted ... more »

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Agree with what everyone was has said so far. Great ergos the bike feels really great in the ruts and the front end tracks very well. I went through a lot of 250fs during that chassis (2010-2013), around 10 yz250fs between those years, and its one of ... more »

Reply to 2021 Crated Honda CRF450R 1/19/2021 12:06 AM

Actually it's not that they are paying some kid low hourly to do it but the mechanic has to stop on his $100/hr back of the shop service job, where the real money's made to help the front end sales side of the shop so the job is done quick and minimal. ... more »

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Who else had some epic kitchen tracks as a kid? Toaster tabletops, oven whoops but watch out for the sink where races could be won or lost.