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I was busy most of the day but I tried to follow the live timing on my phone as I ran the kids around to various things. I noticed that Allesi hung with JS7 for a big chunk of moto 1 before throwing out the anchor and that got me thinking. Allesi's style

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Great vids - thanks for sharing. Mookie may not be the fastest Stewart on the track but he's the Stewart with the best attitude and it's so refreshing. I remember the old days when James sounded a lot like that. When CR22 is feeling it, he sounds like ... more »

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I watched him at Spring Creek several times and the thing that stands out to me are his drive and his ability to read the track waaaaayyyyyyy ahead of where he is at the moment. He knows about his passes further ahead than any other rider I've seen (although ... more »

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450 1. Stewart 2. RV 3. Dungey 4. Reed 5. Wilson 250 1. Roczen 2. Tomac 3. Musquin 4. Bagget 5. Wharton

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I don't have any issue with his expression of his faith. I only mentioned it in the OP because I expected some kind of explanation about his race last night and all I found was his musings about God. I do think it's odd that his entire Twitter stream ... more »

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This brings up a question for all the rules Nazi's: Can you get fresh goggles if you pull into the mechanics area? How about having them clean/repair the dirty/broken goggles?

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I was wondering because I was looking at the season points and I think he could have finished the season ahead of Reed if he had a midpack finish. By pulling off, he finished outside of the top 5 for the year (down 18 pts)

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It was cool that some other riders had flashes of speed and success at individual races, but RV was an animal this year. His base-line speed is amazing to watch. Looking forward to the outdoors to see if anyone can step up.

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They showed him toss his goggles and then ride off the track in the main and then no follow up that I saw (I may have nodded off and missed it??). I poked around online and couldn't find anything except a whole bunch of religious tweets on his Twitter ... more »

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If you watch the race on YouTube, you can see him case a jump at the 6:10 mark: Here's what JS7 had to say on Twitter: Crashed & hurt my wrist in the heat race. Then Came up short in the main on a triple & rehurt ... more »

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I came inches away from doing this and it happens a lot easier than you think. A friend of my brother's invited us out to ride on their private track. I rode most of the morning and felt good about learning the layout of a new track has always been the ... more »

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His post race video seems to make your point - the main event is getting in his head ("I need to crap or get off the pot"):

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If the threshold for posting is all of the sudden "fact", this board would be a ghost town very quickly. Internet forums based on facts-only posting are about as rare as boards without poor grammar. From my perspective (seldom post, pretty regular lurker), ... more »

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It seems like the officials have taken the same attitude as the NFL - they don't want to make a penalty make the difference on the outcome. If at all possible, they'll make a no-call and let it all get determined on the track/field. Think about how few ... more »

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Here's the video starting just before the pass in questions (edit - My YouTube skilz suck or this board doesn't support the "play from this spot in the video feature - FF to 9 minutes):

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David Vuillemin just Tweeted this video - I can see how his hand got messed up, but how the Hell didn't his face/neck/shoulder get F'd up?

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