I was just wondering If anyone could give me some advice or help.

I bought a bike with a lean on it about 2 months ago , long story short Im trying to sell it now. I have the ownership and a bill of sale but the ownership is still in his name and he told me he was going to have to pay the bike off first in order to get it switched at the dmv but Ive been unable to get ahold of him what should I do? 


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  • chope573

    9/22/2017 10:29 PM


    Couple scenarios... 1) It's a stolen bike... 2) Dude got a loan and bank still has the title and he could care less about his credit and all he wanted was quick cash.....or... 3) He never paid sales tax so all he had was a certificate of origin and no title in hand.

    Check if it's stolen... If not, take the Bill of Sale and apply for a lost title. Different states have different rules.

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