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Reply to 2023 KTM 350 SX-F 7/28/2022 8:34 AM

My tuner tru ride suspension company out of reading pa does brand new Kyb inserts valved, sprung and setup for your riding style/terrain and the best part is you can use them on any future generation bike unless they do some silly shit and change everything ... more »

Reply to WTB WP Cone Valve Forks & Traxx Shock KTM?/GASGAS/HUSQ 2019 UP 7/25/2022 6:45 AM

Call solid performance in Downingtown pa I believe they have a few used sets

Reply to Wp xact shock brand new 7/16/2022 3:54 PM

What’s it valved and sprung for?

Reply to How to restore steel frame rigidity 7/11/2022 1:58 PM

I know aluminum needs to be heat treated after welding to restore its metallurgy or whatever the word is 🤣 atleast bbr repaired an aluminum pitbike frame fire me and had it heat treated after welding the engine mount, not sure if steel would need it ... more »

Reply to 2023 KTM 350 SX-F 7/11/2022 11:00 AM

Man I’m torn between a 22 gasgas mc350 or a 23 ktm/husky. I’ve had 2-17 fc350 and a 19 fc350, power wise I enjoyed the 350, I’m a 40 shorty only weighing 155lbs 5’5” and I just don’t know that I really want anymore torque, what to do, what to do…. Is ... more »

Reply to Dungeys bike looked like poo 7/10/2022 5:13 AM

That’s a good possibility as well, all I know is the combo of rider and or bike did not look too hot

Reply to Dungeys bike looked like poo 7/10/2022 5:10 AM

I could see that as well but I was thinking more so the rear keeping him way up in the air more so then forks being too soft but it could very well be the forks.

Reply to Dungeys bike looked like poo 7/10/2022 5:09 AM

That makes complete sense because his bike looked way better then dungeys did in my eyes. I’ve been messing with a traxx shock on my girls sons bike and it seems like the tougher the track the more active that shock is as if it’s too much rebound in ... more »

Reply to Mini Weekend Ideas. 7/8/2022 9:13 AM

Kid and parent race is always a fun time

Reply to Super Interesting Opportunity For an Auto Mechanic 7/8/2022 8:40 AM

He’s looking for a mechanic not detailer or a shop bitch

Reply to Super Interesting Opportunity For an Auto Mechanic 7/8/2022 8:18 AM

The fact of the matter is nobody wants to work anymore and everyone wants to get rich with minimal effort, if I was a young mechanic that liked moto I’d give it a shot, what’s the worst that could happen? It doesn’t workout and you go back to your normal ... more »

Reply to Super Interesting Opportunity For an Auto Mechanic 7/7/2022 5:50 PM

If you had a body shop and were looking for a painter for a few days during the weeks and then ride for the rest I’d have to rent my house out and give it a shot! Sounds like a pretty neat opportunity to hit some tracks one would most likely not go to. ... more »

Reply to new ktm suspension 7/6/2022 1:05 PM

I have both front and rear Kyb akit forks and shock for the previous generation bikes and yes the front end will fit but not the rear shock. Personally I would get Kyb inserts and use stock uppers and lowers rather then the Kyb tubes/xtrig triples, they ... more »

Reply to Need Frame Welded KX250: So Cal 6/16/2022 3:36 PM

Make sure you get it heat treated after welding.

Reply to KYB insert vs Cone Valve 6/11/2022 3:22 AM

Reply to ISO kyb a kit suspension for ktm/husky/gasgas 5/14/2022 4:53 AM

I’ve built a few different sets of Kyb forks and my personal preference is using the wp upper and lower tubes with Kyb internals, there isn’t much of a difference between the a kit and standard kit other then coatings that I’ve noticed. I sold my triples, ... more »

Reply to ISO KTM KYB Internals 5/12/2022 4:36 PM

My tuner truride suspension in pa does them brand new valved and sprung for your weight, terrain and ability for $1650. If you’d like his contact info let me know

Reply to Stiffer spring or stiffer valving? 4/13/2022 4:51 PM

Had a 44 and 46.. Installed .465.. spring rate now in both forks is .46 I guess it was .45 avg between the two prior, we shall see if this does the trick if not a little re-valve is in order.

Reply to Stiffer spring or stiffer valving? 4/12/2022 6:38 PM

I can’t remember the rates in there off the top of my head but I know we used two different spring rates initially. 150 lbs plus gear