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I'm about your age and started a keto based intermittent fasting routine. When you eliminate carbs your body shifts from consuming sugar to converting fat via ketosis. When combined with intermittent fasting you have a powerful fat loss program. You ... more »

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From the entertainment perspective, the show must go on. Which means that the promoters need to keep the riders as healthy as possible. Having 3 or 4 of the top riders get injured makes things boring pretty quickly. I imagine it's a balancing act. The ... more »

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For any snooker fans,consider how the best player ever was mentally defeated and had a sports psychologist help him through and return to the top of the game. Great story... ... more »

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7:10 “And that puts Terry Bradshaw back in the lead”

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Solid state battery. Or some longer range faster charging battery will change the car and bike industry. So many players in R&D now like Quantumscape etc

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Very sad for South Africa - and then you get stuff like this - SA Bans Ivermectin for CV. But Drs can prescribe for parasites. Hmm. Lots of studies show potential, and it is used all the time for lice and parasites, and is known to be safe. After a year, why aren't ... more »

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I got it 6 weeks ago along with my wife and 4 kids. To sum up it was a more contagious but moderate form of the flu. I had muscle aches in my back, sinus headaches, diminished taste and smell, and was very tired. 99 deg temp, so no fever and no sweating ... more »

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I was just thinking this today. With not much going on in SX/MX, it's nice to share thoughts with like minded people! Hence me being in non-moto

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I only say that because in Canada in the summer the cases were very low, thought that may have been a factor there. But the real metric is hospitalizations. In Ontario we had ~40 people in hospital in August. Pretty low for a province of 15 million.

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You seriously think that China is not lying through its teeth? Reminder that China an evil communist government that has Uighur's in concentration camps, a social credit system where every citizen is spied on, does organ harvesting, uses prison labor ... more »

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1. It's Chinese propaganda meant to demoralize 2. Covid is a more contagious, yet moderate flu for those under 65 3. Lockdowns and masks evidently don't work as 'supposed' cases are rising 4. Aus and NZ are in summer now, so low cases are to be expected ... more »

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Here is a more recent video. Me being from Canuckistan, I cannot believe the cops followed these guys around the streets but did nothing. I guess they're just having fun and not hurting anyone. They are obeying red lights etc, so that's cool. However ... more »

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Check out the case/hospitalization ratio. Lots of false positives. Hospital numbers are all that matter. Ontario has 15mm people. Approx 3,500 people die/yr from flu/pneumonia - and that's with 2/3 being flu vaccinated. So far ~3,100 CV deaths. ... more »

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What about 555 for the 3x 450 MX champ?

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Everyone has different reaction times, naturally. Try this test I averaged 283ms on 5 tries, slower than average. I would imagine there are people who will be over 300ms and maybe a few under 200ms. Funny ... more »

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Excellent interview. BTW, what year's SX was RJ talking about with RC, JS, and CR duking it out?

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"In three systematic reviews of cohort studies following millions of people, a very small reduction in risk among those who had three fewer servings of red or processed meat a week, but the association was uncertain." ... more »

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Didn't Ron Lechien go to a bar once after a race?

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Multi-year studies around us show that wind turbines spin 16.6% if the time. With no battery storage they are the pet projects of virtue signalers, which BTW have cost us a fortune. Funny since Niagara is right down the road - free and clean energy.