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He's either making a comeback or selling

"Very Sorry it’s taken so long but I had to know for sure it’s the one decision I believe in..." Official retirement that is...
Added reply in a thread Weston Peick facial surgery results 3/7/2019 8:05 AM

Wow, such terrible injuries and pain to go through. Glad he is recovering, but he has always been tough. Stupid question - was his helmet crushed and cracked or did he suffer all those breaks from internal impact? Could any head gear prevent such damage? ... more »

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Look at JS7 forks going thru the whoops. They were setup rock hard so the front end could skip over the tops at blazing speed. Not too many riders could take that. KR has a similar setup - hard compression in front, soft rebound in rear. It's partially ... more »

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Take a look at cyclemeter. It's the best app I have used for cycling and would work well for riding. it is totally customizable and tracks things like heart rate (from iWatch), speed, mapping, elevation, ride time, viewing from the cloud, history, etc. ... more »

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A lot of electric transportation will become mainstream once they invent new battery technology. It needs to store more power per lb and charge way faster. Until the charge times are brought down to the 10 minute mark for bikes, cars etc., it ain't gonna ... more »

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Will you be racing? It is easier to go faster on a 4T, which will cost more to fix when it becomes necessary. 2 T's are typically more fun to ride and easier/cheaper to fix, but harder to go as fast on. Depends on what type of riding you want to do.

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Can that be done? Are there stats for mph? Or are you talking visuals?

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What I meant is that in last weekends race, I have never seen anyone rail those outside corners like ET. Maybe JS did from time to time, but ET seems to pull it out a lot more often. Herlings does the same thing. It's a whole different level of speed ... more »

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Good point on the 24-0

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Racerx has these fastest lap times for Washougal 2017 Tomac - 2:11 2012 RD5 - 2:07 2007 RV - 2:21 ... more »

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In 2006 would it be fair to say that RC and JS were at their peak performance? Or was RC tapering off a bit and JS on the rise?

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Is there any chance Herlings or Cairoli will race Tomac?

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Fair enough. But at Washougal it sure seemed like ET was as fast as JS7 ever was in his prime. When ET has his flashes of brilliance, he is untouched on a dirt bike speed wise. You just don't see anyone capable of going that fast...

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"You can't compare lap times from different times of the same day in motocross let alone from year to year." Understand, however if JB was 10 seconds a lap faster for example on the same track, that would be saying something, no?

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Right now it looks like ET is the FMOTP. Wonder how he would compare to JS in his prime? Seeing that many of the MX tracks are the same and have the same/similar layouts over the years, is it reasonably possible to compare ET's lap times vs JS and/or ... more »

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This reminds me of Geboers RC500 where he talks about all of the 'identical' cranks he tested and how some were much better than others. BTW, I stood next to that bike and could not believe how smooth it was - no vibration, especially compared to my ... more »

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Is this the take out you mean? Doesn't look super aggressive. And Bowers was asking for it, as the start of the video shows.

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"Sue Veed" It's a great way to make sure your steak always come out perfectly.

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How many times do you watch a race and get blown away and how fast and effortless a rider is, especially above the competition? Reminds me of David Bailey in his prime and 222 from last weekends race in Italy. Unbelievable what AC can do on a bike given ... more »

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Check out Cairoli at the 58 min mark. Unbelievable rider, smooth, feet on the pegs almost everywhere, incredible balance, and fast!