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New thread Barcia on Pulp Tonight!! 1/29/2018 9:29 AM

Man the new relationship is moving kind of fast. Maybe Matthes and Barcia need to slow it down a little bit. I mean did Barcia even take Matthes out to dinner first? Or did they go straight to the bedroom?

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New thread What did I miss? 1/25/2018 11:03 AM

On this past weeks pulp mx show Matthes really did not seem to care for Daniel Blair. Wasn't Daniel just on a pulp show a few months ago? What has happened since that Matthes will not even go to the press conferences afterwards??

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New thread 6 races 6 different winners 1/21/2018 8:30 AM

3 different 250 winners, 3 different 450 winners. I could see it being 8 different winnersafter next week. The racing and parity has been great to witness thus far.

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New thread Is Fox trying out Dungey 1/14/2018 4:24 PM

Are they trying to see if Dungey has what it takes in the booth? And will they do a three man booth or is Emig on the way out?

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New thread Where is Nick Schmidt? 1/12/2018 8:22 AM

I didn't see him at A1 and haven't heard any news about whether he was racing this year or not.

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New thread JGR 12/18/2017 8:25 AM

Those Suzuki's are a thing of beauty!! (GuyB edit to add links for clarity),5701,16382/GD2,43126 ... more »

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New thread Soccer Stadiums 12/8/2017 8:10 AM

With the recent growth of MLS in this country (one I do not like being a baseball guy) do you see Feld trying to hit up more cities now that may not have been available? I think supercross would work great in these stadiums with them having more floor ... more »

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New thread Watson said Vital is the "Know everything website" 12/6/2017 9:08 AM

Did anyone else hear on Pulp when Watson threw a huge compliment out to Vital and how we know everything? Glad that guy is finally coming around and seeing the light

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