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KTM and Husky are basically the same company. Swapping spit isn't accurate. More like they in parallel universes. Bikes are the same and resources are the same. Sponsors are really the only difference. So, Anderson essentially already has "Dungey's ride." ... more »

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They are definitely SFW photos so thats weird. And I'm surprised your work comp will let you on Vital but not HuffPost. Haha

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Thanks Danny. Saw that you were at the race. Would've been good to catch up!

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Just posted a few of my favorite shots from NJ. It had been while since I shot on the floor. Good times! In Photos: New Jersey Supercross

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Just wrote this article for Huffington Post, partially about the similarities between the 2017 season and 1992. I think some nerds might like it. Let me know what you think! 2017, Meet 1992: Supercross History Repeated Itself in New Jersey

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Wrote this a few years ago for the first NJSX. Some helpful tips, some not so helpful. Haha! 5 Things for Motocross Racers to Do In NYC

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Concept 2 rower (or any erg) offers a similar workout, and is more similar to a riding stance. Airdine was pretty cool though and probably much cheaper than a rower.

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Hey nerds. Valkenswaard was the opening round of the EMX125 series, which has been around for years and is the closest thing to a 125 pro series that currently exists. Although they're all kids racing (ages 13 - 17), most of the top guys will turn pro ... more »

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2006 YZ125 Chad Reed replica made to look like his 2005 bike with the painted blue aluminum frame. Thing is dope! And it's crazy cheap. Do it!

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Or, you know...not. Kinda defeats the purpose (or one of them) if you're adding sound to a relatively silent machine. The future of MX, and vehicles in general, is electric power. Eventually it won't be a matter of getting on board because there will ... more »

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No editor catching mistakes now on HuffPost until AFTER articles go live. It's now direct publishing for bloggers which is great because there's no wait time, but not good for quality control. I catch mistakes all the time on news sites too and it's ... more »

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Doh! Haha. Like I said, it's been a while. Thanks for reading.

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My first Huffington Post article in a long time. Just published here. I tend to write these for a more general audience but still try to not dumb it down too much. Give it a read if you have time for 1500 words. Battle of the Primes: The Points Are Tied as Supercross Heads into the Final Stretch

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Per his IG account, it's just for a Racer X test. But it's interesting to know that the rule book mentions anything about electric bikes... even if the rule basically says "The rule is we will come up with a rule if anyone wants to enter an electric ... more »

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The person with the most points.

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I expected him to consistently be a few positions higher. Crashes have hurt him a lot but I would say he has generally shown a slight lack of fitness, but that is understandable for the most part. He didn't have a ride coming into the season. What Malcolm ... more »

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Before you haters start: 1) They more or less made it intentionally gaudy so that it would stand out at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Mission accomplished. 2) Constructive feedback please. 3) Keep in mind this is an ELECTRIC MOTOCROSS bike developed by

... more »

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