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Prices keep creeping up....

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According to Sunoco's website the 112 would be preferred for two strokes? I was using 110 but have since switched.

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cool shots of all the riders but, who else is just stoked to see mookie testing for outdoors... i know i am!!!

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I think it may be beyond the point of rescuing

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Who did you send the old hardware and bolts to for zinc plating? Amazing work, I don't think you could have found a more clapped out bike if you tried!

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Perfect blend of retro and modern. Love this generation of YZ's. Who did you have build the 139 setup?

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Mine was separated similar to yours ends not touching. It did heal on its own however I wish I had pushed for surgery. Doctors were nonchalant and confident it would heal up fine and me not knowing any better went along with it instead of getting a second ... more »

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Here's mine.

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I started with the opposite of what you have. A roller with no motor. Honestly you are better off starting with something complete. Parts add up very quickly. If you plan to build from the ground up, take your budget and double it. Mine ended up costing ... more »

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Little to no chance they update their two strokes.

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Those Yamaha's looked great last night, no way around it. Remember none of these guys are proven front runners in the 450 class so just because they aren't winning doesn't mean the bike is bad.

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As others have mentioned hold off and build your skills until you are ready for a full size 125 two stroke. I think I was 13 when I switched to a full size bike.

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I always try to apply most of my braking before I lean the bike over to corner so you can accelerate through the corner rather than trying to slow down and get the bike leaned over at the same time. It also mitigates your chances of the front wheel sliding ... more »

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I have as well, however the current market you will have a tough time scoring a low hour YZ250 for 3k. It makes sense to purchase new rather than spend current prices on a clapped out rattler.

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I thought Ralph and Emig were a good match. RC and Diffey are still growing on me, the excitement seems to be lacking but time will tell.

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I know I shouldn't say it, but I don't think it smells that great. I think it works amazing however. Motul smells better to my sniffer.

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Let us know how the top end looks. Motul user here too, but nothing smells like Klotz.

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I assume everyone will still be out of their money they paid up front. But at least they can get their parts back and bikes running again...

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So you think there is nothing wrong with the way Varner is running his business and this thread should be buried? I too was considering Varner for some work as I had heard he was the man when it came to CR's but thanks to this thread that is no longer ... more »