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For what it's worth I wouldn't have considered buying a GasGas before but I will now. For everyone complaining, how many GasGas's do you currently see at the local track?.... None I bet.

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Sounds like Reed could have gotten a bike from them to do monster cup if he wanted but Chad decided to go and do his own thing?

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Dirt. Good dirt.

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Get rid of the whoops?.. Seriously? Get out of here, I say add more.
It's called straight rhythm, not redbull rodeo. Spinning around a barrel, the whole point of the race is to go straight and be like a supercross drag race. Why always look for a problem where there isn't one? It's one of the most unique and exciting off season races for a reason.

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I weigh 150, midpack B rider. Never had my suspension revalved on any bike I've owned. I would like to see what it's all about but for now I'll just ride and keep working on my technique.

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Dungey was on point last year, he should do it again.

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Love my 92.

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Reviews on gassers all seem very positive, would love to see a new 200, any timeline when they are arriving? The one thing don't like on those bikes is the starter motor placement. Just looks a little weird...

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Didn't really like the look of the current gen bikes. Can't wait to see them. Love the low profile look of the seat and how aggressive the lines are. Currently deciding between ktm, yz250x and possibly one of these...

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On the subject of revalving the suspension, I have an 07 myself and absolutely love the stock suspension. I set it to mxa's settings and it is one of the best setups I have ever ridden. I weigh 150lbs without gear.

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Don't think they even make the SST anymore. Had one on my yz125 and loved it. Over rev was amazing

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My state doesn't even title off-road bikes. If you have a MSO, they will take it when they issue the registration. It's Bill of sale only here.

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Petcock is normal, like that from the factory. Had a 01, reliability was questionable but I really liked everything about that bike. Looking forward to your build.

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Same transmission. Does not get a wide ratio like the 250x. Different Powervalve assembly but the motor is otherwise the same as mx version.

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Because it's nice to have choices! If you want the latest and greatest shut up and get a ktm. If you want a simple bare bones two stroke with unmatched aftermarket support we have Yamaha.

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May have to sign up for the Southwick round. If they get over 40 entries is there qualifiers held or is there some sort of pre entry process?

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Who wouldn't want to see Uncle Ronnie rip it up on that 97 Honda. #letronride

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I agree. If Yamaha were to refine the yz250 every year, not a complete redesign, imagine how good it would be...

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2006 got ti shock spring and aluminum bars. I believe they have since gone back to a regular steel Spring? They had ti pegs since 04.

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Pretty sure the 125 was closer to 10 pounds lighter than the 04. Very impressive, had a new compact motor that year. Frame alone saved 4 pounds over the steel frame.