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Husky went from having the cleanest looking bikes in 17-18 to some of the strangest. The plastic is a step up from the odd split number plate last year. I think the colors are growing on me but it's certainly not as much of a looker as the KTM.

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I think the 300sx makes more sense and has a bigger market than the discontinued for 2023 150sx. 300's are the top selling offroad bike, there has to be a demand for it on the moto side as well. A modern efi, counterbalanced electric start 300 is a little ... more »

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SSS suspension is overated. All of them, WP suspension included can be setup quite well.

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Alot of times people never even pay on eBay. Especially with motorcycles. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't actually sell.

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If you are planning to race competitively I say go KTM. If you are just riding for fun go YZ.

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I've had success using a knife sharpening stone to polish out nicks in fork tubes. Just enough until it no longer catches your finger nail. Then follow up with a buffing wheel. If you are concerned with the fluid level I would ask whoever did the revalve. ... more »

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I'm no expert but if the crank checks out I would run it too. Piston on the other hand I'm not so sure, I would be more worried about fatigue causing a cracked skirt although if you are running a forged piston it may be less of a concern.

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Where is Cooksey when you need him? 🤣

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I've had great luck with hot rods cranks. Wiseco cranks on the other hand, not so much.

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When the side knobs start cracking is when I change fronts out.

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Probably a Yamaha decision

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OK now this is legendary. We might be changing the thread to 2024 RMZ450.

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I just remember the cringe topics he would post on Vital. I thought he was an idiot.

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Exactly. So act like one.

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We know enough about you based on your history of posts on vital to know that you are in fact a race baiting troll.

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That is not original paint unless it is a 2006. Judging by the round frame tubing I'd guess it's an 03/04. Vin is stamped on steering head like most bikes, alot of times during the paint process they become illegible

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It's not like these things don't make any sound at all. It's just different, and much, much quieter. As crazy as it sounds, I think the thing I will miss the most will be not having a clutch...

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I found it necessary to run tire sealant with the tubeless setup. Otherwise it tends to lose air.

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Another thing to consider is, it is always the same riders involved. How many times this season has Barcia been involved in an incident where either himself or another rider has gone down? Same question for Anderson?

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Agreed. Tough not to be a Pastrana fan, but this made me cringe.