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I know it's trivial but I can't get over the split number plate design on the husky. I think it looks terrible and the ktm just looks so much better. So for me it would be ktm based off that alone.

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Ktm. More powerful motor Sharper handling Stronger brakes Less Vibration Better rider ergos (without the silly radiator shrouds on the YZ that don't cover the tank) Superior clutch Lighter

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The 1987 KX250 came with a 18" rear wheel and sidestand. These bikes are hardly revolutionary. Manufacturers used to put a lot more effort into off road only machines such as alternate gear ratios, lighting coils, and larger tanks among other things. I don't see the point of these X models....more

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Ktm/Husky motocross models are still carb so I would argue from a pure performance standpoint along with being light weight the carb gives up nothing. If it's not mandatory to have KYB suspension the beta RR could be a cheaper option? But of my course ... more »

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I think it's very cool what ESR is doing, especially with their contingency money and rider support. But man, I gotta say this TonyESR leg humper makes me never want to consider one of their products.

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That's because they are the same

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That custom extended rear fender is a nice touch. It's all in the details my friends...

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I hope some of the new people to our sport that have gotten bikes as a result of COVID stick with it when things return back to normal. As a 90's kid I feel fortunate to have grown up during that x games era when it was cool and exciting rather than ... more »

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Europe or available in U.S. too?

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I feel like ordering oem parts is the biggest draw back of the Euro brands. Beta and Sherco are getting pretty well established but I hear you have to order direct from a dealer and they can't be ordered online as easily as the big 5. Also how do parts ... more »

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Anybody know of any other places that do pipe repair?

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Always thought they were the first to have a mono-shock back in the 80's?

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Will check out that video. Definitely good info and great to hear from others with similar experience. They did not reset anything with me, I've just been doing my best to keep it aligned. They seemed to be most concerned with the lung issue.

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How long did most of you guys take to heal up? Did mine 4 weeks ago along with a collapsed lung and I'm still waiting on it to heal up. Can still feel it moving around.

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I agree and I'm not bashing Suzuki at all, I think they make great bike's. If I wasn't a two stroke guy I would probably own one. It's just that KTM/Husky stat is eye opening to me. I knew they were huge off-road but didn't realize they have such a big ... more »

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What stands out to me isn't the amount of Suzuki's. If you take Ktm and Husky combined they account for over half of the field. Now say what you want but THEY are doing something right...

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My thoughts. Yamaha hit pay dirt with that platform. Fantic should have went with a different color though. Honda, GasGas, Beta are all red. But doesn't look like it will be available here anyways...

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Maybe an Athena 144cc kit?

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Yes they are currently cheaper option but that's not by choice. Nobody would pay retail when there are better options. If that's the target then advertise it as such. They should go where the others aren't. Instead of following the leader, maybe make ... more »