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Reply to Request: Vurbmoto Edit Contest Footage 12/7/2017 12:18 PM

All the second contest footage is still on the vurbmoto YouTube channel too

Reply to Gajser's new team mate is .... 11/28/2017 2:38 AM

Pretty sure the bikes for the GP riders are in storage right now. These guys only ride from March until October, remember. They are all on beaches, sipping on cocktails now

Reply to For those looking for Yamaha team updates... 11/12/2017 3:02 AM

Yea, I know who he is (I'd guess the person who put his name on the website doesn't).... but the whole "I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you." below his name tells me they haven't even finished ... more »

Reply to For those looking for Yamaha team updates... 11/11/2017 11:32 AM

the website isn't finished who is Alex Aray? but they are already a factory sponsor.... that's impressive!

Reply to Motocross in Zimbabwe 10/13/2017 2:18 AM

yea, i'm good... and i'd definitely be down to go to Zimbabwe again. I met up with Tanya this year in Lommel and considering what she's done since our article, I definitely think it would be worth a revisit!

Reply to Motocross in Zimbabwe 10/12/2017 1:27 AM

Thanks for compliments... Was an amazing time there and Tanya and her family were great hosts. It's also cool seeing what she has gone on to accomplish since my

Reply to Weege-USA MXDN Disconnect 10/6/2017 4:09 PM

Me doth think you protest too much

Reply to Antonio Cairoli wants to race at least three more years...and Yamaha dropped him at the end of 2009... 10/6/2017 5:29 AM

Very surprised he actually said the word "Yamaha".... normally he doesn't like to mention 'them'

Reply to Travis Pastrana on MXoN/Team USA "It's so much easier to be a Monday Morning, armchair quaterback and say how much harder they should've rode" 10/6/2017 3:33 AM

First time I've met Travis and the guy is just awesome. It was windy as shit for the jump and he was just like... "I aimed a little left and hoped it didn't stop blowing"

Reply to Weege-USA MXDN Disconnect 10/6/2017 1:44 AM

A1 Night Show Thread - 699 replies, 23784 views A1 Practice Thread - 493 replies, 35701 views MXoN Sunday Race Thread - 914 replies, 52462 views MXoN Saturday Thread - 417 replies, 28984 views

Reply to Weege-USA MXDN Disconnect 10/5/2017 12:33 AM

The American team takes by far the largest contingent of people to the MXoN. Period. I even heard that there was the nose-strip dude at Matterley Basin... If they wanted to, they could easily cut a whole bunch of costs down on the entire event, and i ... more »

Reply to Lawrence to GEICO Honda 2019 10/2/2017 11:18 AM

Lawrence didn't ride Seewer's bike at Matterley Basin

Reply to Decline to ride for your country for no good reason, forced to sit out your next home nations? 10/2/2017 7:48 AM

well there won't be a USGP in 2018, so I Eli (or anyone else) won't have do that race

Reply to MXoN Fun Facts 10/2/2017 5:32 AM

Interesting fact about the Danish...... Nikolaj Larsen their MXGP rider was totally banged up on Saturday, but rather than get ruled out of contention completely (like when Max Anstie got landed on in Ernee, missing Sunday so GB came 18th), he lined ... more »

Reply to MXoN Matterley Basin Bench Racing - Sunday Races 10/1/2017 9:39 AM

awesome day.... so pumped GB finally got the podium.... so much bad luck these last 20 years so it's good to finally see us on the box!

Reply to MXoN Matterley Basin Bench Racing - Sunday Races 10/1/2017 9:30 AM

amazing that there are probably 40 team USA members here then....

Reply to Pit Bits from the MXGP Finale is up! 9/20/2017 1:37 PM

Thanks for words guys, and big thanks to Michael for knowing waaaaaaaay too much stuff about dirtcycles and making my photos interesting

Reply to Motocross of Nations 2017: official riders list 9/19/2017 2:00 AM

rumours that Lieber is out, and that vDoninck also injured himself in France... not sure what that means for the Belgians now

Reply to Congratulations to Pauls Jonass MXGP 2 champion 9/18/2017 2:54 PM

funnily enough, this kid won the 65cc title there.....