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i've just seen Cairoli's gopro.... in my opinion it looked like Cairoli was committed up the inside and at the very last second, Febvre sticks his arm out a little bit further and he hits it

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took this one, this morning and i was trying to get as many as possible haha
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thought some of you might enjoy this...

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Simpson broke his chain and is fine...... Febvre is an elbow problem, not sure how serious

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just interviewed Dakota here..... he'll be doing France, GB and finishing at Mantova for now, and this is only his third day riding the Yamaha so he's a little underprepared but enjoying the challenge

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one of my most enjoyable days at a motocross track... Tim was a stud all day and a pleasure to work with, and this helmet cam showed everyone his skills perfectly and the Dirt Park track in Komlo, Hungary is one of the best facilities I've ever been ... more »

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"I was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I moved to Cape Town, when I was 3 years old and I have lived there for my whole life. My grandparents were born in Holland and then moved to South Africa. My dad chose to take on his Dutch nationality and ... more »

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Thomas Covington is riding with a broken ankle

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yea, as he was close to Ando..... also saw Pootjes puff a little bit in race 1..... nothing major, sure the conditions and first-races for a lot of riders/bikes played a part

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well that's not strictly true

was a good day.... nice to go racing again ... more »
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dunno if you saw this ocscottie, Green..... but guess what i found a few days ago... come a looooong way since this haha

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There are 18 rounds next year...... 4 of which will be held in road-racing circuits (5 if you count Valkenswaard, but no one ever seems to) Qatar is first, the new Thailand track might not even be at one, but I'll include for now, then there is Assen ... more »

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it's the week before Glen Helen....... but running on Friday/Saturday, so racing the 3rd Sept http://www.mxgp.com

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Spoke to Kyle at Milan SX.... great guy, gave a great interview and doesn't surprise me in the slightest his Q&A was good quality. Made me a fan.

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not used a "Big Mouth" before but I can fully vouch for how good a 9800 is.... love my bag can be a bit heavy but i've learnt to pack a little bit lighter and the build quality is awesome

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this is one of the best one's that i've put online:

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why do you care so much? and don't say you don't care, because you obviously do... as you comment in Every. Single. Herlings. Thread. i mean, we get it, you hate herlings, but at some point trolling all the threads must get old?

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still ignoring him i see..... anyway, he's an interview with Jeffrey, explaining that his comments at EICMA were taken out of context (which I suspected): http://www.mxlarge.com/2015/11/23/jeffrey-herlings-interview-no-decision/