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this explains some of his love for Brayton: https://exhaust.racerxonline.com/2018/01/16/celebrating-your-guy was posted a few weeks ago, prior to Daytona.....

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Yup. The aim is just to qualify really. They figure he can get good starts from any gate pick (being 14 years old and so light on the bike) so if he can qualify he can gain valuable race experience in what is a very tough class for racing (lots of crazy ... more »

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Spoke to his Dad in Argentina, Jett will be racing emx250 and the German youngster cup on a Suzuki 250. Said they have a bunch of leftover parts and it worked out easier and cheaper for both parties to keep this part of their original deal alive

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There was definitely that rumour but i asked him about it straight up in Argentina and he laughed and said his future is not decided

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He doesn't age out of MX2 (he is 22 now) and he still hasn't decided what he is going to do for next year, at least that is what he told me in Argentina. Covington is born 22nd January Febvre (who aged out) was born 31st December... So Covington has ... more »

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Third world prices?! That area is anything but third world prices... Hotels, food, drink are all expensive and don't even get me started about the bank fees for drawing out money! However, it is a beautiful part of the world and a great place to open ... more »

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You're right. Crazy how i mis-remembered that. Sorry to both of you. Regardless, the fact he hasn't won an overall yet shouldn't be a reason to ignore him from championship discussion as i believe Jonass hadn't won an overall before the start of last ... more »

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Hunter won the last GP of the year in France and the MXoN MX2 class

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ACU is British and MUL is Luxembourg I believe... Quite a few riders complained about the wave section, including Cairoli (and there were quite a few crashes there) so they tamed it down a bit

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Might have to use this instead of Facebook messenger in order to get some replies around here...

... more »
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Official posting by HRC was done 3 hrs ago... https://www.instagram.com/p/BfWW9wTFM6J/

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All the second contest footage is still on the vurbmoto YouTube channel too

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Pretty sure the bikes for the GP riders are in storage right now. These guys only ride from March until October, remember. They are all on beaches, sipping on cocktails now

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Yea, I know who he is (I'd guess the person who put his name on the website doesn't).... but the whole "I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you." below his name tells me they haven't even finished ... more »

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the website isn't finished who is Alex Aray? but they are already a factory sponsor.... that's impressive!

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yea, i'm good... and i'd definitely be down to go to Zimbabwe again. I met up with Tanya this year in Lommel and considering what she's done since our article, I definitely think it would be worth a revisit!

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Thanks for compliments... Was an amazing time there and Tanya and her family were great hosts. It's also cool seeing what she has gone on to accomplish since my

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Me doth think you protest too much

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Very surprised he actually said the word "Yamaha".... normally he doesn't like to mention 'them'