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so the French Federation questions Marvin's commitment.... and Marvin proves them exactly right by choosing not to go now that Febvre is injured. He said he was "100% motivated" in the statement he released after he wasn't chosen..... and now that he ... more »

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it's funny how the Ironman championship for Tomac gets brought up.... but the MXGP riders can't use the championship argument when they race the USGPs (eg. Herlings at Charlotte) for the MXGP riders it's one race in a 20 round series, for the Americans ... more »

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i have a lot of photos.... i just don't have the time to look through them all for numbers, so please... if you've done the work already keep the photos coming! y'know.... for us lazy folks

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You may well be in for a surprise...

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Here is a badass t-shirt I saw at the Latvian GP.... respect Tanel, respect

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Weltin's team didn't make the trip.... and after the logistical nightmare of trying to enter Turkey with a team truck, it's not totally surprising

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This year has been awesome for weather..... the only bad race has been Valkenswaard. I haven't even bought a rain jacket or hoody to the last few races 2017..... now that was craaaaaaaaap for weather

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Over 10 years ago, this track was given the award as "best track" by Youthstream, something they do every year.... however the Sevlievo owners decided to put an absolutely massive sign on the track with this statement, which you can see at 2.09..... since then it's kinda become a joke around the paddock, even those (for spectators) it might just be the best track for viewing (on par with Matterley imho)

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The way i always put it is this: When 5 American fans go to the track, one guy supports Tomac, one likes Roczen, one likes Anderson, one for Webb and i guess one likes Musquin (although i cant keep up if he is hated or liked right now)... If 5 Slovenian ... more »

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Wow. Valentin Teillet running 10th... Cool to see

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How hard is it to spell Gajser, Gajser?

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I think Mathys has proved on a whole range of surfaces that he has the speed to win (and come through the pack)..... Portugal, Latvia, France and Switzerland.... and in Lommel he was leading race 1 (until he crashed). i'd say the only reason he is crashing ... more »

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yes sir, he does.... and yes, he is very impressive

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Jago Geerts broke his collarbone ... obviously not good news for him or Belgium..... he's having it checked out asap but doesn't know everything just yet

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my only guess is that Park Boys somehow thinks this is a sand race?! errrr..... ... more »
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I'm sure a fella by the name of Goat Kreations on here has a copy, or 50... Send a PM and I'm sure he can hook you up.,4118/all

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Chihiro Notsuka got massively thrown under the bus by far too many respected motocross people for his part in the Anderson incident. He finished just a few seconds behind Jorge Prado in that race and didn't deserve the slating he received. It annoys ... more »

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you mean the Japanese National MX2 champion? ok...... just FYI.... he was lapping about 4-5 seconds slower than Anderson a lap on a 250 compared to a 450... at Unadilla today (in the rain), only 6 riders were lapping within 5 seconds of Musquin so i ... more »

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It's a cool event. I hope as many countries can attend as possible, with as many friends and family. It's the biggest race of the year and everyone on both sides of the Atlantic should go as many times as they can. I'll be making my 14th event in a row,

... more »