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5 weeks until the first round... then the second round is 3 weeks after that. Edit: Motofinne beat me to it

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the frame cover is by Vibram (famous for shoe soles)... they sell them in sets I believe

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Well i know the next ones should be coming soon. Sardinia is like Socal at the moment!

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just curious why you bother posting in a Herlings-appreciation thread when you obviously have no love for the guy... i mean, sure, you don't have to like the guy or think he is the best (and you obviously favour Tomac) but why even comment in this thread? ... more »

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Close Ups

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Just to ease the burden of the month or so left until the MXGPs begin, here's a few bike shots from Honda (i'm sure the other manufacturer's shot will be coming soon so we can add them here). Looks pretty darn sweet to me! Photos by Bavo Swijgers 450

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Gajser definitely is

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Looks like they beat Bereman, so they must be legit!

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Redsands is a flat man-made track..... just like all the ones that get complained about when they aren't in Europe The Semarang track was 10x better visually than Redsands was.... and it had more people attending

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Nice. Love the old-school DH bikes. Tanks! I've only had this a couple of years but when i saw it on my local MTB group for sale, i knew i had to buy it... even got the nod of approval from 'the man' himself when i bumped into him at the airport

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hell..... in another thread, i learned that Britain was on the verge of being exterminated in WW2 (despite never being invaded)

this is small-fry on the fake-news scale
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what about Grevenbroich?..... that's a sand track and I know it's pretty good, on the west side of Germany

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ahhh the irony of someone accusing someone of xenophobia..... while at the same time showing their own xenophobia, and then to top it off...... the dude is from Sweden and not America.... perfect

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2012 was Marc's final year where he did the majority of the MXGPs.... he also crashed in the first turn with Herlings that moto Then a year later, on a rutted Teutschenthal.... a semi-retired de Reuver returned the favour and beat Barcia in a moto. Crazy. ... more »

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This makes me realise how little i miss MXTrax... I swear this thread was probably done about 10x with the exact same people posting the exact same things about 6 years ago

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Do riders pay the photographers and videographers every time they put something on their instagram?

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i know the dude who works for GoPro at the MXGPs.... having seen the amount of cameras he's gone through this year (6s and 7s), I'd go for as much protection as possible. Of course he's sticking them on Pros, on motocross tracks, in races so of course ... more »

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need to save this link, for every time one of those annoying.... "why do we go to X, when we should be going to Y?" threads pops up

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I probably would have made some money too off "the uneducated masses" as i thought Khabib would win... although the Derrick Lewis fight I'd have definitely lost money. I thought Volkov was legit title challenger, and he probably was, right up until Derrick ... more »